1st airboat ! Reccomendations "please"

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1st airboat ! Reccomendations "please"

Postby Warden » Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:40 pm

Ok , im new at this , im in upstate ny , i live on a shallow running creek , its 300' wide and meanders for many miles it has some small rapids ,, i also have grassy fields with rolling hills that i would need to navigate dry ! i also would like to get out on the hudson river , which this creek connects with ! I own normal boats already ! Not new to that ! I build race engines for circle track and drag race and the occasional race boat ! I have a shop full of 700+ hp Small blocks , but i think i want an aircraft powered unit ? I do want a fast boat , i ran several before in the glades and one up here all car engines all fun the one up here i built an engine for the owner and i got to play with it , my phone gps said 62mph .. i dont think i want anything much slower ! Quieter would be nice tho ! BTW , these things drive like a dirt circle track car , incase anyone wonders ! SO a used airboat to start for me ! 2-4 seater ... that will bite in a turn , and run up hill dry ! ....Reccomendations Appreciated ?? Thank you , tony /RVES 845-626-3412

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