It's Aliveeeeee! Swamp Life 2.0 Ecotec LTG

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It's Aliveeeeee! Swamp Life 2.0 Ecotec LTG

Postby gator7272 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 8:29 pm

So Chuck finished up the wiring and after waiting another couple weeks for a Trifecta tune that never came through (and would have been locked where I could not make adjustments), (and would've had to wait for him for who knows how long to fine tune), I made the decision to bring her home and wait for something more feasible. Well I found it through a few good folks on here, but was still apprehensive due to minimal feedback and demand for this platform. I went with HP Tuners software and interface and Matt at ZZ Performance for the tuning, what a breeze! Took a few emailing files back and forth and some trouble shooting, vacuum plugging on my end, long story short, the software and interface showed up in the mail Tuesday 2/07 and I took it for it's maiden voyage today, everything is spot on and I couldn't be happier! A big thank you to everyone involved. For those wanting to take the Ecotec plunge. feel free to write me and i'll do my best to bring you over to he dark side. See attached video links below. Thanks, Chad
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Re: It's Aliveeeeee! Swamp Life 2.0 Ecotec LTG

Postby OneBFC » Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:47 am

Glad you are up and running!
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