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hello boys and girls, Well we had some excitement this moose season, some injuries, some damage and sunk my boat in a high silt glacier river. Water levels were way… [...]

Went to bolt up the gearbox to the LS2 today and the flexplate seems awfully tight against the driveplate bushings. Can't rotate the gear drive when it's tight to the… [...]

I am new here and I’m not sure I’m post in the correct place, but here it goes. I have a tiso- 541 engine and was wondering if anyone has… [...]

I'm tired of breaking air cleaner studs. Who sells the best aluminum carburetor / air cleaner cover kits with the base plate and hardware. I had gotten one from poor… [...]

I sure love the administrators of this site, you all are on the ball, keeping things simple and clean, the new platform is so much easier to navigate, commented on… [...]

Will or how does slick bottoms / Gator glides or what not work on a polly bottom.. [...]