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Have there been any attempts to find alternate bearings for crank/rods for 4 cyl. Continentals? I am amazed at the prices I see for -.010 and .020 bearings. [...]

Sorry, lawsuits are for everybody when it comes to firearms these days IMO. As mentioned in the thread, there are some websites out there that are built around firearms and… [...]

Could something like this be glasses over on the bottom or is it a wast of time? Sent from my SM-J327V using Southern Airboat mobile app powered by Tapatalk [...]

Commercial application for tourism in Cartagena Colombia. 14 passengers including Capt. Let me know your thoughts and ideas. Not looking for high proforamce but rather a fully functional long lasting… [...]

Fiberglass hull with aluminum reinforcement. I'm in Cartagena Colombia so a limited amount of metal to work with. Looking for pointers on design. The hull design is what I'm looking… [...]

Hi all, I'm lookin at building a Ice boat and hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Any guys up north with experience? Im planning on something around… [...]