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Hi. I have never owned an airboat. I’m considering a 16ft Freedomcraft 3/4 decked with 383 stroker / 475 horsepower. The gearbox is 2.09 : 1. Beyond this, I’m clueless.… [...]

So, I live in middle GA. Called some local places and also GTO, and can't find any poly. Anybody know a place that has some on hand? I need a… [...]

Well, fired up the mongrel 0540 today. After replacing 2 jugs, a 3rd piston, adjustable pushrods, all new wiring, 2 new mags, all new plumbing, injection removal, new carb, fuel… [...]

Looking for O360. Any leads much appreciated. [...]

Thinking about buying an airboat with an LS motor was wondering if anybody had any experience whether or not the electronics are a problem in salt water. Thanks in advance [...]

Saw an engine today with an 8cyl on it. Had the GITSU cylinders on it, and the intake was on top. Looked like it had only one mag. The guy… [...]

Well, I made the switch. Pulled the servo, spider, injectors, and pump. Installed a new MA 4-5 carb, plugged the injector holes, and just got the new low pressure pump,… [...]