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New to the Airboat looking for your induction box or belt drive near Bradenton, Florida what is better gear, reduction box or belt drive I have a 383 stroker what [...]

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So we had a dd sbc 350 with a 72" blade. With swapping to a Ls with 79" blade and gear box we have to compensate 12" somewhere. I've never [...]

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I've just come across a Indmar Raptor 6.2 marine eng. from a 2017 Moomba wake board boat that is for sale. I would like to ask the air boat guys [...]

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is there anyway for me to adapt my o320 from dynafocal to straight mount . [...]

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Stolen airboat from the Hernando area. Please PM Swamphunter45 with any info: or call 352-585-1927 JW [...]

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Need some opinions on what I have going on. Motor is an Ls and is having problems at low rpm. When getting on the gas it hesitates really bad and [...]