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I'm reluctant to do this but........ So I just acquired a 13' Hamant for my father with what's supposed to be a Waterthunder LS2. Of course the guy couldn't produce… [...]

I was informed by Geico that they are not renewing my airboat policy in December. This has been a discussion on SA for the past 18 months. I renewed my… [...]

Would my 450 hp 502 with a 2 to 1 handle a 78" 2 blade sirius carbon concepts prop ? The website says that prop is usually used with a… [...]

Is it possible to buy small quantities of that Slick coating stuff? I'm kicking around the idea of applying some to the runners on my boat trailer to make it… [...]

Looking to see if anybody goes out there on advice to ride out there safetly [...]

Will or how does slick bottoms / Gator glides or what not work on a polly bottom.. [...]