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Trying to unload this reduction drive, fits chevy 350. was part of a failed auto powered aircraft. Never used. Just wondering if the Airboat community uses these or someone can [...]

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Perfect running motor until it started smoking. Smoke was puffing at idle every couple seconds. Running through a bunch of oil. Blow by seemed hotter faster. Got home. Checked compression [...]

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Complete newb to airboats/scoot's here. I am getting a fibreglass scoot hull made and have a line on a Continental 65 to power it. The Continental is going to be [...]

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I have seen threads on here talking about poly making a boat hop. I have the opposite problem. Fiberglass boat hopped badly before adding poly. Now it buries the nose. [...]

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Been awhile since i have posted, but that is how life goes. it's hunting season again, and I have been rolling my 12x7 or so alum hull with a stock [...]

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Ok maybe im having a blonde moment but i bought a lenco actuator the other day, built the tab and the brackets today and ive been starring at the wires [...]

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Any assistance is appreciated - opening weekend for ducks was yesterday. Boat was running fine, was cruising for about 30 minutes between 4,000 - 4,300 RPM AND all of a [...]

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So Immokalee's self serve pump is down. Not sure when it will be fixed. They will let us in for full service at almost $7 gal. Where in our area [...]

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gpu 220 down 3 cylinders, no spark 2 on one side and one on the other. suggestions? Thanks [...]

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OK so here’s my question, I just recently purchased a 2017 GTO with a Levitator 6.2 L LSA supercharged motor. I live in the northern states, Wisconsin and will use [...]

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Looking into repowering my boat with the Levitator MS70 and looking for some much needed feed back. I’m currently running the 496 levitator 8.1L and despite it’s weight, it’s been [...]

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To begin,,, I pulled an XDI system off a running O-540, mounted coils to a 220/520 conversion I built, tone ring mounted to billet flywheel, bracket for pickup coil built, [...]