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another tenn monster

another tenn monster

killed 11-4-08 on our property again!!! by the time i get up there they are all gonna be gone!!!! i hate working lol!!!
Those corn and soybean fields in those woods make deer that look like steers.
The only problem is gettin somethin like that up and out of a ravine after you take it! Been there.
yeah im not sure what the deer weighed but i will find out tonight when i talk to my dad, but im sure there was some work involved with that one!!!!!
Man what a Buck! How can you still be going to work when you got property with Deer like that on it. I would find a way to take off the whole Hunting season.
Its in Tenn, 30miles west of nashville. South River. and john if i could afford to leave work for a month and still pay for my property i would def be up there lol!!!! i bought it for my dad two years ago so he would have an awesome place to hunt!!! so i get to see it a week out of the year but it will be worth it one day!!!

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