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Bishop Sr  mighty 90

Bishop Sr mighty 90

Bishop Sr mighty 90 with an 02 thin bottom this boat mashed the grass in the Westlake Park marsh around 1972 it may have even jumped off the dock more than once.
Bishop if I remember correctly( it,s only been 41 yrs ) the bottom was made out of 050 , no sure about the deck, maybe Catchment 38 knows.
Great old photo<br>
I'll always have found memories as a young kid, of riding the LP Marsh on a 90 Palm Beach Boat.<br><br><br>This photo brings it back

That boat looks to be rigged footsteer.
No doubt my dad has plenty of memories with this Airboat and A missing toe that reminds him of all his crazy Boonesfarm activities. In 1997 when I sold my buggy to buy an airboat all of these memories come to mine with my mother need list to say she was not happy with my decisions LOL

For me it was the best decision I ever made in my life my dad is back into AIRBOATING and both of my brothers now have one too making more Airboat memories.

Cowboy it is foot Steering
It's amazing what was accomplished back then with low horsepower, a well designed hull and some skill 'n guts.
Many people nowadays say what is the big deal about a Palm Beach Boat maybe other than it's looks.
Now everybody has a 540, and it don't matter, but back when everybody had 65, 85, or a marsh blistering 125hp..... a properly built Palm Beach Boat would wring every last bit of performance out of whatever horsepower you might have, over a wide variety of terrain.

Anyways..... that's what I think.
Just a long way of saying I agree with your comments.

Thanks for your comeback above Bishop.
I enjoyed reading it.

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