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Flooded Hangers
Des Moines Boater

Flooded Hangers

My hanger has the door raised to protect the motor. Everyone got their planes out except one guy. The water will go two feet higher.
It isn't all bad. I took a couple of other club members in yesterday to secure our fuel tanks and joy ride later. They want airboats now. One guy said it was more fun than he ever had flying.
Des Moines if you guys need any help out there let me know my Airboat Search& Rescue unit has been put on ready alert but no word from your state yet on needing any help we heard it was supposed to get worse.
Thanks but we have lots of fire rescue and police boats that can handle the floods. Problem with airboats in neighborhoods is getting through the power lines. They know where I can be found if they need one.
When the water receeds is when the hard work will start. My sympathies to all of your friends and neighbors.
Thanks for the thoughts but we've all been through this before. The cities actually make money on it from FEMA and the farmers get so much money from the goverment, they don't care. Hopefully it will slow down the production of that junk ethanol. Still beats a Hurricane and I have a whole lot of new areas to explore in the airboat. My hanger needed a good cleaning.

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