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Heartbeat Boat. Boat that started the C/M vs. A/C war...
T. Gaffney

Heartbeat Boat. Boat that started the C/M vs. A/C war...

Dad built this boat after hours when he was running Panther and it was the first CM boat to outrun AC powered boats at the races. He took a 12' hull and put a 13' running bottom in it, sloped the transom and pulled the bow up. It was the first panther with these additions. The rigging was out of
Yeah, Dad built it and raced it in the early 80's. Bo ran it afterwards. He had a lot of his AC buddies mad at him over that one...
I remember that boat . Your Dad sold me my first Panther, first car motor boat I ever rode on was driven by your Dad. I had only had expeience with 4 bangers . Was the circle track near Mascotte around the Bay Lake area back in the late 60's early 70's. I remember going to races somewhere in Lake Co. as a kid with my Dad.

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