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Honey Doooo's!  Memorial Day Weekend!

Honey Doooo's! Memorial Day Weekend!

Honey Dooo's! Memorial Day Weekend! Check out the Noth Carolina Tan.
Man listen, y'all are gonna have to do a lot better. That kinda stuff looks too much like two happy, loving, contented American people to ever fly in Obama's vision for this Country. He says we need change. I say he needs ..... well I won't say it. I'd be moderated.

But it rhymes with 'willin'.
That's a real nice lady there!
She's even keeps a water bowl, and radio outside for Buckshot. NOW I KNOW SHE LOVES HIM!
Even brought him a pvc screen frame to play with!
She told me she let's Ole Buckshot come inside the house sometimes when it rains, or his water dish freezes over, but he knows he ain't allowed to git on the couch!
Yes Sir!
That's a real sweet Lady right there!
Why does your water bowl have speakers??!!??

Great photo. Smiles for everyone!

Buckshot, you crack me up with these photos! Keep up the good work!!!
Bob, I gotta hear the story about what took that screen out in the 1st place. You weren't 'under the influence' and tried to walk through it, were ya ? Ha!

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