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huge cottonmouth

huge cottonmouth

Boys, they do get that big ...... saw one roll in a ditch line one day and disappear into a drain pipe before I could pop him that was easily that size. I hate 'em. They don't run from you like most other kinds will.
Thats a big one. Back around the 70's I was out on the L-8 marsh before it was developed, and what I thought was an otter turned out to be a cottonmouth swimming. All I saw was it's head. Ran up to it, and game on. Hit it with my best shot. Not as long as yours damn close, bigger around though. I would hate to here any thing being by them..
Well even with the stick getting it closer to the camera lens, its stll a big one.Glad its Dead
Seen 3 every bit of 5' long at River Ranch about 10 years ago all in some sort of wierd snake orgy or something and we gave em lead poisning. They for sure do get that big, anyone that say different dosnt know what they are talking about.
That is definitely a leg breaker, I hate 'em cause they wont run like other snakes.

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