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l76 intake plumbed nitrous outlet

l76 intake plumbed nitrous outlet

Another piece to the puzzle....
I would still run a burst plate, it will save u thousands, and it gives u a piece of mind, I think the composite intakes are great, I bought the new one from afr for my 383, I built for my truck, there cool
Ive seen that game before and ive watched it happen first hand with a whole lot more motor than whats being run on boats, to the best of my knowledge a computer cant tell u when a valve sping breaks or a keeper, rocker arm, bolt break, even though uve spent assloads of cash on all the best parsts , it does not hurt to run a burst plate so your intake stays in one piece, ive been on that ride before .
I looked into it. 150$ is cheap insurance for just what your talking about, the stupid stuff. Thanks for the advice, ill get a good TuneUp but that don't mean shiat when something breaks.

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