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Lake racing early 80's
T. Gaffney

Lake racing early 80's

Early reduction days in the mid 80's. 455 Buick gettin it done against a 0540. Took those C/M a while to run down a A/C. Stretched them out in a 1/4 mile back then.
Sorry Tucker, That car motor never stood a chance against that boat. Ask your dad to refresh his memory... I was there...
Well...Dad built both boats so he ought to know! lol<BR>I believe there was some crow that had to be eaten about a CM never being able to outrun a 0540? Were you there for that too?<BR>I will check with Dad but the picture sure tells a different story...
the camera angle is the problem,,, Allen did not build that boat.. it was Bud's design.. not to say that someone is not telling the truth but,,,, alot of the stories you have posted are before you were born,,, I happen to remember your mom being pregnant with you so I may have a better idea of what did or did not happen. Everybody has a story,,, i was in most of them. Buckhead ridge race with RV Fripp was before you were born.. just sayin, i was runnin airboats at 6 years old,, Dale Krell should remember, i took off on his boat... Also the boat at buckhead was my dads that Allen drove. sometime if ya want to really know what happened call me,, you have the number.I started work at Panther in 1977 and built many boats along with race boats,, I believe you were 3 or 4 by then. I built engines and riggings for alot of the boats,, dad built a aluminum boat to control fly, it was a 540 wwith nitrous that flew with gene hope on sarno ext, Allen was in the marsh boat and I grabbed the fan guard and he dragged metill i got in the boat to get to Gene. lot of things I remember cause i was there.
Listen here Mr. Spivey, I don\'t need you to tell me how anything was because I happen to know the man that did it all personally. The fact that you think Bud had anything to do with designing anything back then proves you don\'t know what the heck you\'re talking about! Paul Dixon designed the first jig and hull. Which is the same as the black boat under the plane that your Dad bought. Exactly the same. The other jig at Panther was built by Dad and Don Dempsey. Again, nothing to do with Bud. No disrespect to Bud but the contributions he made back then were more monitary than anything. Bud had nothing to do with sloping the transom and raising the bow of a Panther. <BR>While you\'re in the mood for telling stories, why don\'t you tell the story about your Dad\'s 0540 and Bo Harris driving it against Dad in the heartbeat boat. The trophy is still at Panther if you would like to claim that 0540 never got beat as well. No Mr. Spivey, I don\'t need to call you. If I want the real story, I will go throw a steak on the grill and talk to Dad...just sayin
and hear what you want to hear... i doubt you even remember Don Dempsey.. No further comments on here as you think you know all things.. Allen is a great guy but is not the authority on airboats. Case closed. agree to disagree.

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