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Sod for Helms

Sod for Helms

Hey Helms here's that load of grass you wanted!!!
Nice load of sod. I was in grass business for twelve years and really enjoyed it , then the housing market in Atlanta busted. Now back to pnuts and cotton.
Bradley it's muck base st.augustine floratam its almost the same thing... You would almost to put a piece of each side by side to see the difference. Trout master it is a great business to be in but you got to have good paying customers to make the business work. I wouldn't trade for anything else... Helms I even take food stamps buddy... Lol!
That's a good friend of mines truck.18speed & 600hp cat twin turbos and got some computer chip work done and a whole lot of Crome on the inside. It used to be a lot nicer but these ruff dirt roads everyday has put a lot or ware on it.
You better sell a couple extra of those to fatten the piggy bank for the new vapor, i need some more deer heads to come in so i can pad mine, just hope i can transfer my high priced front seat, lol
Lol yea I'm trying to sell as much as I can I've already done robbed the piggy bank! It's empty now...

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