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    Mechanic needed

    Does anybody know of someone to work on a 220 GPU in the Lithia Fl area (near Plant City)
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    Mechanic needed

    Does anybody know of someone who can work on a 220 GPU in the Lithia area?
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    Magneto wiring

    Where does it connect to the mag?
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    Magneto wiring

    I had a GP250 and blew up the motor. I was able to find a replacement. I switched out motors but was getting no spark. So I switched out the coil, condenser and points from the motor that I knew ran (until it slung a rod) into the replacement motor. Unfortunately, I did not take enough notice...
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    No spark

    I had a 220GPU and sent a rod thru the block. I found a replacement motor identical and installed it. Everything is connected but I am not getting spark to the plugs. I was told this motor was running when taken off the boat. I unplugged the wire going into the mag and took a tester, put one...
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    Need a carburetor for Continental 220 GPU

    I am needing to replace the carb which is not repairable. It is a Holley 3250 two barrel. I dont know enough about this to know if another brand or type will work. I have tried salvage yards but carburetors are dinosaurs to them anymore. I tried Summit Racing and they asked about how many cubic...
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    Plug wire damaged

    I have a Continental ground power that has set for a couple of years. I have started putting back in shape and my neighbor, trying to help, tried to pull a plug wire off by the wire and of course the wire came out of the boot. I was afraid to take the front of the magneto off fearing parts might...