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    Resorting an old airboat, 1962 hull. I believe it's a Franny Taylor hull, c145 with a 60x 42 prop. Gonna be my first airboat. Just wanted to share.

    Looks just like the Franny a family member had. He had a 0300 on his with a 5 blade. Not sure if the size but it impressed me more then once and he lived that damn boat. Your seat riggin is bad ass. Never seen one with lines like that but I understand the thought behind it. Good luck and look...
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    Honda powered airboat

    I still can’t believe your going to do that to a K motor. By far the best motor Honda has put out and clearly you know the motor by your HP your already making with it. I’m sure you e figured out you can make that power a lot cheaper with many different motors but you will absolutely have a one...
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    Taking motor out with no lift.

    If you were around Sarasota I’m sure the boss would let me take the one I run everyday home…
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    Taking motor out with no lift.

    Oak tree or barn rafter and a come a long or chain hoist ???
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    Any one recommend a good aluminim Mini air boat plan?

    Damn shame they aren’t with us anymore. I saw the number cntry and peaked my interest for sure. Don’t see the 941 pop up much. Does Stan’s last name start with a P ??
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    I'm Building 2 Stossel Boats with High Torque Motors

    I did my cuz sled before be passed the same way .. inside and out .. maybe took me 2 days .. carpet glue and all she works great.. I was also on the clock as I worked for his plumbing company 🤷🏻‍♂️