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    Gso 480 starter up kit / alt pics ? Share plz

    Not sure how to share other members photo's but if you go to member galleries and look up Farmboys pic there are some good ones in there. It's the same setup hat I have on my GSO540 and it works out great. Think it came from Innovative (Norman Clay)
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    IO-470 Eng Driven Fuel Pump

    Joey Beyer SouthEast Fuel Solutions 321-863-0572
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    GSO 480 set up

    What you have there is what is referred to as a gear nose. A Stinger is a brand of gear box primarily used for automotive applications. As far as bearing as seals to rebuild it. You might try Abner at Elite Airboats in Okeechobee or Maybe Cecil Fields in Melbourne
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    First airboat

    from the looks of the flanges on the jugs it appears to be 520 but I'm no expert.
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    deck material

    Looking to do the front deck and floor boards to complete my build finally. Have looked into several of the different manufacturers and most don't have the color option I"d really like, Saw an ad for a company named Safe Deck and although its a different type of material they seem to have just...
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    Banded cage wire

    Getting ready to powdercoat my cage wire and band it to the tubing. Does anyone who has done it before have any info on how close that you are putting your bands. I have the tool and the bands just not sure of the best spacing.
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    Break in oil

    Getting ready to crank up a GSO540 that has had the cylinders re-done Didn't do anything to the bottom end except look it over and everything there(bearings and cam) looked good. I believe I should use the mineral oil for break in. Does anyone know if Phillips makes a mineral oil or are all of...
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    Finally almost there !

    This might sound like a silly question but after a long journey I'm going to finally put some power to my new build and spin it over to at least get some oil circulating through it before I take it to get the ignition put on it. It's a GSO540, I got the oil tank from Hamant and it appears to...
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    Oil temp sender on GSO-540

    I'm having a problem I'm sure others have run into but haven't been able to find a tread here that talks about this problem. I removed the old aircraft temp sender on my GSO540 and it is a 5/8-18(fine) thread that seals with a copper gasket. Went with an Autometer electric temp gauge on the new...
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    Oil cooler line sizes

    I went back and searched the past posts but didn't really find what I was looking for so here goes. I'm finally putting together my GSO540 boat and I don't know if I have messed up or not. I made up the oil cooler lines using stainless braided lines and AN fittings to get the look I was wanting...
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    Happy Birthday Rick

    Happy Birthday Rick, hope its's an enjoyable one and thanks for all you do to keep SA the best forum for airboating on the net.
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    Is the Broward show this weekend

    Just wondering if the Broward County Airboat show is still a go for this weekend. Have not seen anything posted for it this year.Was going down tomorrow if its still going on
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    Supercharger boost pressure

    Can anyone tell me the normal range for boost pressure on a supercharged Lycoming
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    Gauge package suggestions

    After a long drawn out process I'm about to start my part of my new boat build. I know the basic gauges will be in the gauge package( tach, oil pressure and temp plus voltmeter ) just curious as to what others thought should be included to keep up with all functions of the engine. It will be a...
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    problems with slick bottom

    Had a friend of mine put a new coat of Steelflex 2000 on the bottom of his glass boat and has burned through it in about a dozen trips to the lake. Not much hill riding mostly just running the lake and every now and then up to the trees to relax. I wasn't there when he applied it but said they...