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    Pe90 oil screen

    Could someone please show me a picture of where to find the oil screen on a pe90? I’ve been told 2 different amounts of oil to run someone says 8 qts someone else says 5 whats correct? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Engine oil

    What’s y’all opinion on oil for a continental gpu? It’s a 4cly with 520 gtsio jugs. There’s aeroshell w120 in there now and have been told that 15w-50 full synthetic will work fine. I would like to get away from aeroshell because it’s tougher for me to find. What y’all think is better to run...
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    4 cyl gpu with 520 jugs

    How y’all doing just looking for a little more info and opinions on a motor before I buy this boat. It’s a 4 cyl gpu with stroked crank 520 gtsio cylinders. Case has been decked .070 and has 480 rods. Is this a pe 90? This will be my first airboat so not very familiar with ground power units...
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    Beginners boat

    How y’all doing, I’m looking to buy my first airboat and I’m looking for some guidance! I have only been on airboats a couple times on the Kissimmee so I don’t know much. What would be the best boat for a beginner? A step hull? Fiberglass hull? I will be riding Kissimmee mostly and would like a...