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  1. Rainwaterou812

    single rudder?

    i run a 70inch 5 blade saber on my carbureted 0360 lycoming @ 7 degrees on a Philips step hull
  2. Rainwaterou812

    prop ?

    thank you very much guys I'll give him a call
  3. Rainwaterou812

    prop ?

    hello everyone i have a ? about a prop maybe someone could help me out and same me some time. i have a 0360 wide deck angle valve carbureted with Bendix mags and a 70inch 5 blade saber prop wondering if anybody has or had this set up and how did it do? but most importantly what degree do i need...
  4. Rainwaterou812

    sensenich Q or NGQ lycoming 0360

    hello everyone i am ready to upgrade my prop i currently have a 69 inch wrap drive it does ok for what it is. I have checked the form on here before asking but didn't come up with what i was looking for. so with that being said this is what i have and want to do with my boat. I have a carbureted...
  5. Rainwaterou812

    what to look for when buying a a/c motor

    Hi everyone im thinking of buying a 180hp lycoming motor what do I need to look for ? Without having the option to start motor guy says he dont have time to mess around with trying to mount the motor to start it says it ran but it has front carb set up . Do I walk away or take my chances on it...
  6. Rainwaterou812

    need info on a psycho airboat hull

    Hi im thinking of buying a airboat hull and never heard of the builder psycho and tryed looking them up but cant find anythingI would like to know if anyone eles has . Plz need feed back on it but its a full deck round sided . Are they good hulls or junk? Is it a welded boat ? Thanks for all info
  7. Rainwaterou812

    thanksgiving where to

    Hi fellow airboaters I was wondering what would be better lake Kissimmee or everglades for thanksgiving week end ive been up to Kissimmee a few times so I know what its like but ive never been to the glades . But is their even a place to stay at the glades is my biggest concern I would just...
  8. 160 boat named wet dreams

    160 boat named wet dreams

    This is my 160 boat that im building now 10ft by 6"8 almost done just a few more nights hard at it then sand blast and paint
  9. Rainwaterou812

    how hi is to hi ?

    Hello again im building a 10ft sled and I was wanting to know how hi is to hi for the seats I like to see everything and over the saw grass so I was thinking of going up to 6ft to the bottom of driver seat and passenger seat will be 6.5ft from the top deck and this will be a front driver boat...
  10. Rainwaterou812

    motor stand placement

    Hi everyone I have a ? Im building a new riggen and was wondering how far from the transom does my prop need to be I just brought a 10ft sled I think ppl call it a rock boat not sure its just what the dude I got it from said but its 10ft by 6'8 it has stainless and polymer also im putting a...
  11. Rainwaterou812

    full deck motor stand pics

    Hi everyone im trying to build a motor stand for a full deck boat I have a 4cycliner lycoming ive try looking in the classifieds for pics but cant get a good look could someone plz send a pic so I can get ides thanks very much
  12. Rainwaterou812

    4 blade wrap drive prop on 4 banger lycoming

    Hello fellow airboaters I have ? If someone could help about a 4 blade wrap drive prop I have a lycoming 4 banger 160hp and I was thinking of buying a 4 blade wrap drive prop but my buddy was telling me that the 4 blade will brake my crank something to do with vibration I dont know so I...
  13. Rainwaterou812

    whats the best spark plug for 0320 lycoming

    Hi im looking for the best spark plug to run in my 160 lycoming thanks for the info
  14. Rainwaterou812

    info on 160hp lycoming to make 170hp

    I want to put 480 jugs on my 0320 160hp lycoming need to know what parts I need to buy thanks for the help ppl
  15. Rainwaterou812

    scorpion airboats

    hi yall I'm in the market for a new airboat i was looking to buy a scorpion but can't get anyone to answer the phone i tryed calling about 20 times today does anyone know if their still in business. if not can someone point me in the right direction to buy one of their copy hulls i have had too...