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  1. john1edwards

    polymer polk

    Does anybody sell polymer in POLK County? :) thanks
  2. john1edwards

    Southern glades

    Is there an airboat ramp or access point for airboats to get into southern glades area? Thanks
  3. john1edwards

    powder coating

    Does anyone recomend a place in or close to Lakeland fl to powder coat a grass rake. Thanks
  4. john1edwards

    Banana Lake, Polk county

    Can you still run airboat on Banana lake??
  5. john1edwards

    cadillac parts

    Does anyone by their Cadillac parts from summit racing? like bearing etc.
  6. john1edwards

    5 blade on caddy

    anybody running a 68 5 blade on a caddy 472/500? direct drive
  7. john1edwards

    Clermont chain of lakes

    Does anyone run the clermont chain of lakes? Is there any marsh you can run up there. I see some marsh up there but don't know if it is asses-able by airboat?
  8. john1edwards

    airboat trailer

    I have an airboat trailer with old nash rambler hubs. I beleive they take a br 4 bearing and a br 2 bearing from napa. do they make a more modern trailer hub that fits those bearings or am I better off to cut the spindle off and weld a more modern one on it? any thoughts :dontknow:
  9. john1edwards

    tsl super swampers

    Does anybody run these on their buggy. How do they compare with tractor tire. :scratch:
  10. john1edwards

    does any body run airboat on Lake Hamlton, polk county

    Can you run airboat on Lake hamlton?
  11. john1edwards

    Bored out 454 direct drive vs caddy direct drive

    Has anyone on here built a 454 to 500 cubic inch and ran it direct drive? Just wondering, lots more 454s than caddilacs available. I heard you could change crank etc and get 500 cubs out of 454. :scratch: :scratch: :scratch:
  12. john1edwards

    who made glass hulls for Combee?

    Did Combee make this hull or was it made by another company for him?
  13. john1edwards

    Another area closed????

    I drove by Khrome ave the other day and thought i saw a sign at the airboat hole and its grown up? I was going by a 55 mph and didn't have a chance to read the sign.
  14. john1edwards

    Thanks for the push at the Milk bus

    Thanks for the push at the milk bus. Bunch of people helped me push my boat thanks thanks
  15. john1edwards

    gardeners Marsh

    Is there any water in the marsh? Thanks
  16. john1edwards

    Hey Mudweiser, check this video out! nonairboat

  17. john1edwards

    edelbrock carb

    I have a 600 four barel on a dd 350 chevy, What size metering rods and jets? thanks
  18. john1edwards

    4 blade warp drive video

  19. john1edwards

    4 blade warp cross Question

    Has anybody ever run a cross warp at different pitches? for example two blades at 10 degrees and to at 7 for example :dontknow: :dontknow:
  20. john1edwards

    Warp Drive defying what i know

    I had a wood stick 68 38 sesenich turing 2800 - 2900 would run dry prety good. on a 350 chevy. Now I am running 4 blade warp at 7 degrees could turn 2750 on the water or 2700 on trailer, but had to push alot on dry. put it to 8 degrees turning 2550 on trailor, but runs the same dry without...