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  1. Azazel

    K&N filter - anyone running them?

    I have a lot of room between the top of the flame arrestor and the bottom of my engine hatches. I'm tempted to get one of the 9" K&N marine filters which you would figure would allow for higher volume airflow. Plus, it's filtered more than the flame arrestor. I'm not on dirt roads that often so...
  2. Azazel

    6.0 Powerstroke in a river jetboat???

    I know this is the AirBot Forum forum and maybe off-topic, but... I am currently shopping for a jetboat (for the river) with an inboard engine. I see lots of small block engines and 2 stroke marine engine, but no diesel. I know the bigger boats run Volvo Penta's and Cummins engine, so types of...