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  1. lycomingkid

    The dark side is pulling me in

    Well it has come down to the nitty gritty between staying with aircraft or going to an LS car motor. I have been weighing the odds on the two and it looks like I’m being pulled in by the dark side and also with av gas being over $6 a gallon now in my area that pump gas is looking better by the...
  2. lycomingkid

    170 with 10:1

    Out of curiosity what kind of horse power numbers would I be looking at with a set of 10:1s in my 170 (160 with angle valve cylinders) it supposedly has 9:1s in it now but that’s just was I was told when I bought it last year
  3. lycomingkid

    Maiden voyage for my sister and brother in law

    another boat to our crew :D :cheers: even though it’s a car motor :stirpot:
  4. lycomingkid

    How does everyone have their sprayer set up

    I know this has been talked about a lot on here and I have looked over the forum multiple times but have yet to see how everyone has they’re sprayer system rigged up with a toggle switch and a push button wired in between the switch and the sprayer pump itself and as to what push button you used...
  5. lycomingkid

    Building dad a new run way

    Well it has come time to build a new runway and cage on dads boat and I will say it has been long over due for some time now and we’ve been at it hard to for the most part of two weeks in the afternoons after work and when we haven’t been out of town on the weekends we work on some of it then...
  6. lycomingkid

    Did some ridin Saturday on lake O

    Did some ridin with my uncles and cousin Saturday on the lake it was pretty good day and it was on the hot side but that didn’t slow us down. I took some videos :toothy7: I’ll try to upload them in a bit [youtube-video]https://youtu.be/cNnJdYnpj3M[/youtube-video]...
  7. lycomingkid

    Exhaust stud size

    Well it’s time to put new exhaust gaskets on my 160 angle valve (0-480 cylinders) and it seems that one of my exhaust studs has backed out at some point and time and is nowhere to be found. I’ve been trying to figure out what the thread pattern is but have not had any luck :banghead: if anyone...
  8. lycomingkid

    Hull jacks in a welded Stossel

    So I’ve been thinking about this for a while now I have a welded Stossel open hull that’s been pretty much run hard and beat up on the bottom of the hull. The stringers are bowed up in front of the gas tank and in between the stringers it is pushed up as if it had been run over major rocks and...
  9. lycomingkid

    Not bad for a little souped up 160

  10. lycomingkid

    3A north water

    Does anyone know what the water level looks like in 3A north would like to make a trip down there to ride around in the next week or two
  11. lycomingkid

    price of avgas at jimmys store

    Does anybody know what the price of avgas is at jimmys store up the road from riverranch
  12. lycomingkid

    frogspit over steelflex 2000

    going back to frogspit steelflex 2000 ain't as slick as what me and my dad thought it was what is the price of frogspit or quickslick anybody know how much it is runnin fer now
  13. lycomingkid

    how much power would a 0-390 av lycoming with a turbo?

    Just wondering how much power would u be able to put out on a 0-390 with a turbo or supercharger by the way thank u guys who replied on my thread about putting a gear box on a 4 banger
  14. lycomingkid

    gear box or reduction unit on 4 cylinder aircraft would it ?

    Would a gear box or reduction unit work on a 4 cylinder aircrafts if u can turbo and supercharge them then u should b able to put a gear box or reduction unit on them had that crazy thought yesterday looking at my dads 160 h2ad I want to know of the pros and cons of this if u can do it to a...
  15. lycomingkid

    frog situation

    Any body finding any frogs lately on lake O or the glades?