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    68" 3 blade Cypress vs. Sig pros and cons?

    Anyone who has run these props have any input on the difference between the two? I'm putting one on a 12 x 7 diamondback with a 1.4l Ecotec boat and was curious how they would compare to one another.
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    How many EcoTec airboat rigs are actually in service?

    Just curious how many are running them that we know about? I'm in the process of putting one together right now and wondered how many members on here have built one and how happy are you with the finished performance/results. I've followed all the various threads over the past few years but was...
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    Paul Hart/Glades Airboat assoc. stand up guy!

    Just wanted to share with all what kind of guy Paul Hart is and thank him for a good deed last night. I'm fairly new to air boating and a new member here. I was out frogging last night with a couple of friends out of Belle Glade and we experienced some mechanical issues (battery/alternator...