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    Waterthunder LS2

    IF its Daves you'll find the back of the block marked with his serial #.
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    O-470-11B Continental

    Ok well I said I’d post more pics well here they are. I’m unsure what SAIC means but it’s stamped into block at the hub snout with date 13-7-54 , 618.13hrs. I still need to get a price on getting the 6 jugs honed, valve job and seats. Hopefully can start this project soon.
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    O-470-11B Continental

    Work led me to stumble upon a O-470-11B, thought about it for a bit and then went back and bought it. I know it runs as it was just on a boat for all of 2 hrs. I have all of 500 bucks in it so now I need to see if it’s a simple issue or if I got a lemon. Previous owner is a wealthy guy he bought...
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    More California BS!

    This may not be a bother to some of y’all but for us trappers, farmers and others this is just more BS California Bill AB527- is New legislation in California which is currently on the calendar for a hearing on March 26,2019 it’s a bill which will permanently end the ban on alligator and...
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    Solid grass rake builder?

    Looking for someone to build a solid grass rake for a 16x8 diamondback. Not looking for anything groundbreaking just standard solid grass rake with a step. For a reasonable price. Any suggestions? Diamondback is almost 2-2.5 months out and is $3750 :shock: Floral city acted like they didn’t...
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    Alligator permits

    Just got email from FWC wife and I both were drawn for tags, She has Lk Hatch first week and i was drawn for Osceola Co. second week looks like it will be a fun season. Good luck to all who applied.
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    Alternator bolts snapping

    Third time in 2 months, (21.6 hrs) since last time. Engine is a 2007 Pleasure Craft Marine 6.0L. Based off an LQ4. Belt tension is good not to tight I can twist belt with two fingers. Grade 8.8 bolts last time they had two bolts holding alternator on and bolt keep snapping. Only tightening to...
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    Been working on little things on the airboat and got it the way I like, went out to Hernando yesterday behind Ace hardware took a look at the ramp, seen on google earth the way to BS hill and a few other spots on the “LOOP” I read about on here. Question is I plan on taking wife out of Hernando...
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    Stuck on west lake Toho

    Anyone around west lake can tow me in or help me get back to big Toho marina? Alt bolts broke off and engine over heated. Gps says N28*12.634 W81*24.882 Phone 863 514 0539 Thanks in advance Curtis
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    Frogging in Levy County?

    Men, I went out rode a bit on the new to me airboat sunday not far from the house was told about a place Watermelon Pond, rode almost all day ran in to a few guys said NO airboats in alauchua county for 7pm to 7am so my question is anyone know off anything in Levy county public water i can give...
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    Potts/ flying eagle riding

    Hello all, I would like to know if any one in and around Potts preserve or flying eagle that would like to show me the area? Would greatly appreciate it as my boat is as well as myself are itching to get out and slide
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    Belts for centry drive systems

    Anyone know if belts ratio specific? I know you have to change belts when you go from like 2.1 to a 2.68 but would a 2.1 belt work on a 1.77 if they both come off a ch3 box?
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    Goethe state forest?

    Any of yall ever hunt Goethe state forest? Looking for some areas I can hunt for hogs around Morriston/ Ocala area ain't ask for secret spots or nothing but once I move I'll be beating the bush hard and could use a good starting point.
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    Riding in Levy county area

    Anyone know or ride in levy county or the surrounding area? We found a place in a town called Morriston, FL and might be coming down in a few days to look at the schools and property just curious if thee was a lot of places to ride? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    Airboat collides with FWC airboat in glades

    Anyone know what area this happed at? Two women were on the private airboat and had non life threatening injurys.
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    Anyone using a Lowrance elite 4 GPS?

    Got a really good deal on a new unit just wondering if anyone is using this same gps on their airboats and how well do they like it? Plotting trails and marking way points pretty easy? Thanks