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  1. bugkiller86

    removing paint?

    Ok I have a fiberglass hull that was on my boat when I bought it. It has like 3 or 4 layers of paint on it!! What is the best way to remove it? Is there any chemical that would make it faster than sanding and not hurt my fiberglass? Thanks!
  2. bugkiller86

    slick bottom, frog spit, etc....

    I need some. Where can I buy it? And where is the best price?
  3. bugkiller86


    Im building an airboat and need some new gauges. I have an 0-320 and need to know what all gauges I will need? I would like all new but not super expensive. Thanks
  4. bugkiller86

    where i can ride??

    Hey everyone i live in georgia and was just wondering if i could get a list of places that i could ride my boat. I just bought my first air boat and have heard that there are some places that they dont allow air boats. Any info would be a great help! Thanks! I have an 11ft fiberglass hull with a...
  5. bugkiller86

    new to airboats

    hey i joined just ab a week or so ago! and im looking at air boats what would be a good starter boat and not real expensive? any help would be great. thanks