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    Whirlwind EW or SW

    I have a 350 Chevy engine bolted to a 2.68 rotator, I know this isn’t an ideal combo but Im going to run what I have for the time being and upgrade to a 5.3 or 6.0 down the road, I only want to have to buy a prop once what is the most versatile option the SW 80” or a 82” EW and will a stock 350...
  2. K

    Making room for 80” prop

    My hull is a 13 foot combee, it was setup for a 540 and a 74” prop, I’m modifying it for a 350 and gear box and with that being said there isn’t enough room to sling an 80 inch prop, I have 2 options, one is to make a low engine stand and cut out splash well or option 2 keep splash well and...
  3. K

    350 and gear box engine stand

    Does anyone have any measurements for a 350 to gear box engine stand mainly the top part of it, I need to modify my rigging which is setup for a 540 and I need a good idea of how much modification I need to do or if I just should buy new rigging
  4. K

    2.68 rotator and small block 350

    I need some opinions on my 2.68 rotator and my sbc 350 it this box too low geared for a sbc
  5. K

    2.68 reduction and 350 sbc

    I have a 14 foot combee, I’m building a sbc 350 nothing special, I haven’t done much research but I jumped the gun and just bought a brand new rotator 2.68, what is the best prop combo for this low rpm engine, how screwed am I with this 2.68