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    oak head - upper St johns

    Are the ramps open- I have no idea or info on how bad the water level is?
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    Angle valve verse straight

    looking for all the pros and cons for a geared 540 motor I am slowly building.
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    River will be up

    The upper St johns should come up a little. I do remember after Charley driving my bay boat around the pavilion at the oak head. Went to burial mound and parked the boat in the woods tied to a big oak tree. I don't think we see that much water, but we should be able to ride allover.
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    540 connecting rods

    What are they going for I am going to need a set for a 540?, cylinders, pistons. Not all at once. not that rich. I have to finish the block and crank first.
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    540 300 hp plus prop

    I have a whisper tip 74 tuning 3000. Picked up a stump puller 3 blade 72 inch. How is the stump puller? boats in shop I could not pass up the deal on the stump puller, because I bought the prop for the hub (good condition). I wish the boat was done so I could see for my self but it not and I...
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    need Cecils phone Number

    New phone lost his number, he has my boat for repairs in Melbourne Fl. Ted
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    Engine repair

    Whos around Orlando that works on aircraft.
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    Vo 540 HP and RPM

    My 540 tag was 315 hp @ 3200 Helicopter motor Now we increased the hp raise the compression over 2 points. But i have the prop set for 3000 rpms. I wonder what hp drop from 3000 to 2700? I probably be setting down to 2700 to conserve more fuel and give me a better cruse rpm. I wonder how much...
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    Trapped them all out.

    Currently I trapped all my neighborhood hogs out. My traps sitting idle. Such a terrible thing.
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    Black Powder who ridding to the oak head tomorrow

    Plan on heading out some time from 5 to 530am any one else heading to winder? 4074847119 Saturday morning 10-24
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    Chevy flex plates

    Any one have the 14 .13 dia Chevy flex plate with the airboat prop adapter pattern drilled in them already? or some one who mods them, I need a new flex plate for my Lycoming 540, My friend and neighbor, JC originally made this one and I adapted an MSD 3.5 hp starter to it. If not can some one...
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    old mags

    There any value to a pair of old mags just put on a pacemaker.
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    Shorter 3 blads verse longer 2 blade

    So and advantages on running a 3 blade verse 2 blade Next loaded question a 68 WW 3 blade verse a 74 wtip 2 blade. The 68 will p[probably have to be heavy pitched as the 74 is at a heavy pitch. both are? My thought the 3 blade to short.
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    Airboat Docking Solutions

    There made for jet skis
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    540 wont start.

    Well I think it a carb issue but I my arms not long enough to check for spark by my self. I noticed fuel dripping from carb. If I cant figure it out is there any mechanics one near Orlando my neighbor and friend passed away.
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    lake winder hunting

    Who hunting up there regularly. I am looking to hunt up there a little this year use to be a regular camper at the burial grounds. All my friend have rowdy on down sold there boat. I guess being grand dads made them old. Turtle you still running up there.
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    Best prop for heavy boat 540 lycoming

    Turning a wispertip 74 inch to 3000 heavy on the angle motors up around 300. What props push better. I can get an 3 blade h from a friend but I read mixed reviews on that prop.
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    hog trouble

    I feel bad a farmer in geniva asked me to help but i have not had time with my county dead lines and Fing up something in my lower back. I know he huring there destryong his sugarcane. He only got 35 acres. He wanted me to trap shoot all of them i could and have not been there yet. I said i see...
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    How the Florance ramp water must be high out there. Going to go in the early morning.
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    Water level south of 520

    How the levels and trails have not been at all this year