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  1. Prototype

    Merry Christmas All Airboaters

    Be safe if your sliding/riding or driving? Lots of people out their not looking??
  2. Prototype

    Well I told everyone I'd let them Know!

    Prototype was making so much noise and it's getting into my short season, it's time to hang her up for the pros to look at. I hate too see her be recycled into beer cans left on the side of the trail or try to sell her for scrap. With all hopes and reasonable money Brian can fix her up pretty...
  3. Prototype

    Auctioned FWC airboat?

    Seen a former FWC airboat at auction and the poly was visible through the alum hull?
  4. Prototype


    Need that link to solar flares regardless of SA. Watched it all and found it disturbing that even the link was gone (me or other means not finding that post) after the vid was done?
  5. Prototype

    Shell casings discharge?

    I'm looking for a ladies 380 cwp piece that has a reliable right side discharge to not involve shooter interference of hot casing's falling in some very bad spots! Any advice is greatly appreciated because she has more invested under her t shirt than I have in my stroker. FYI, she plugs a...
  6. Prototype

    Poly Screws

    Anyone running hot dog and iraqy with a light rig may want to check the poly screws. Your dragging 5 screw heads beyond the shank.
  7. Prototype

    Steering Thrust

    I have been testing the heck out of some 4 blade warps and 3 blade sabers in all kinds of configurations with a 6 blade warp hub from 2 to 3 to 4 blade. I've noticed a serious low speed steering advantage to some combo's vs others? I can't find much on props and steering on here but thought it...
  8. Prototype

    Clutch Box Safety

    I really never gave this much thought being mainly a single commercial operator, but some of the commercial buggy line locks may fail at a very bad time in airbaoting! The clutch system is new and I have fried two line locks on my boat, originally made for Dune buggy use. To date this only...
  9. Prototype


    Admin? I noticed the banner on my right side of the screen has ads from my recent browser "google" searches and now I have a multiple attempt log in secure confirmation code to enter plus a new login name pops up under my screen name when I enter "prototype"? Is this something new?
  10. Prototype


    OK, for all you power hungry tail gator's out their! This is not a 5mph bumper off a mack truck. It's my attempt to launch on some step inclines and maybe help with some torque roll. I have 3 inches of free board just floating before this attempt and I have anywhere from 3 to 7 inch torque roll...
  11. Prototype

    Holley Tech's

    Are there any Holley techs out there that might be able to identify this part? It matches the button cap on my electric choke cam but its still their. I found this part in my hull after a good wash down.
  12. Prototype

    Air Bubbles

    I finally found a way to get rid of air bubbles with no help around and its environmentally safe and extremely clean and green! Yea I know there are pumps on the market but I can't find one that filters the fluids! Please keep all post positive so one tech hint does not get wiped!
  13. Prototype

    Fathers Day Luck

    Any Dads out there running an older tilt trailer may want to inspect the tilt bolt! I got a gift today that I thought I'd share!
  14. Prototype

    Skinny Blades vs Fat Blades (MPG)

    Not sure if this is in the right place but I don't see a trailer section or traveling section to put it? Anyone out there notice any mpg difference pulling your rig with skinny blades verses fat blades? Debating on setting my pitch to 90 degrees or so while traveling or switching to some skinny...
  15. Prototype

    Mothers Day from a Son

    Normally I take safety very serious but this just had to be posted for all of you to get a laugh. Mom, I secured my ladder working on my rigging and I'll wear safety glasses un-securing it.
  16. Prototype

    Squaring a hull or stand after the fact?

    I bought a new mini hull from a major manufacture in F-glass boats and started the rigging before it was finished. I set my stringer jig square with plum bobs from a hanging motor for the stand build. Everything went great except the bow eye was not installed on the hull. No biggie I set a...
  17. Prototype

    Pe-90 Motor mounts and Stand

    Did a search and couldn't find much on Pe 90 motor stands or mounts. Does anyone have a pic of what mounts and stand configurations that use production mounts? I was going to use Biscuits but i don't like the idea of a total down mounted motor.