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  1. Brotherbob

    Repair of a RH rotation Water Walker Stump Puller 3 blade prop?

    Gents I will put up pictures when I get to my phone but....... I screwed up. I let my air cleaner go through the prop like a dumbass. 2 of my blades looks repairable , 1 is a problem with a "proud" leading edge and a small hole in the edge. After contacting the manufacturer , they told me my...
  2. Brotherbob

    Epic river adventure in homemade airboats

    Gents, Its been a awhile , I retired and decided to get my Uncle James' river story to print. Here is a excerpt --- I recently had the pleasure of spending the day with three very experienced members of the Texoma Airboat club for a Brazos River Airboat trip. After having a great day on the...
  3. Brotherbob

    BRAB brothers coming to FLA for a visit in a month or two?

    Hey folks! Me and my buddy HASBEEN are gonna come see FLA in a month or two, aint set a hard date yet as we wanted to get some input from ya'll. Gonna drag our heavy ass car barge ,rock knocking ,beat up old boats with us and wanna ride some. Oh yeah we are brangin' our wifes too, for some much...
  4. Brotherbob

    Bimini tops?

    I'm sure ya'll know what tops work with what boats? I've got a 2001 Air Ranger 8ft wide 15 ft long 4 seater.... I see a bunch of tops that are cheap but the measurements always seem odd. I know some of our local air boaters have bought new kits and modified them? Anyone know of a affordable...
  5. Brotherbob

    Selecting the right camshaft for a SBC 383 stroker?

    Need some help on selecting a camshaft for a interesting build. It's an oddball stroker engine that will be a spare for my airboat. The boat-15x8 Air Ranger , 2.88 Stinger gear drive, 78"WW Super Wide 3 blade that needs to turn 2150-2200. The engine regularly sees 6000-6200 RPM all day long. The...
  6. Brotherbob

    Goodbye to a Texas Airboater

    Farewell Don, RIP Don Shirley. Sad news for Texas Air boaters. This Texas air boater was instrumental in fighting a Air boat ban on the Brazos river. He had been fighting cancer...
  7. Brotherbob

    Russian Airboat on Ebay

    Check this dude out= http://www.ebay.com/itm/291342704990?rmvSB=true BB
  8. Brotherbob

    BRAB memorial day run video.

    W3CuNwQu9pg We had a large time check it out! :old_glory: :texas: :D
  9. Brotherbob

    Ride the Brazos with SHO-NUF

    I know I enjoy watching videos of you guys running in your home water so I decided to film a small stretch of the Brazos in Texas for you to see the good ole ' rock hoppers in Texas! Enjoy 56e0ce5Ew74 hopefully I got that link right... BB :texas: :rebel: :florida: :old_glory:
  10. Brotherbob

    Texas Brazos river legend James Bagwell has passed on.

    Some of you might remember the Brazos river epic adventure documented in Marshrider and several newspapers and magazines. The fella named James Bagwell was my uncle and the reason I am a air boater. James Bagwell passed on this week and asked that no funeral take place , no ceremony, no fanfare...
  11. Brotherbob

    Merry Christmas Texas Airboaters!

    Merry Christmas folks ride safe , slide far and enjoy! BB :bigsmurf:
  12. Brotherbob

    Word around the campfire....

    HASBEEN bought a antique Panther airboat today! Good on ya son the BRAB will pitch in and help with the work ,just say when! BB :cheers:
  13. Brotherbob

    The BRAB memorial day run 2013

    Looks like the same deal as previous years -Marlin- over the Memorial day weekend. Airboat run on Sat officially.....bowfishin', beers ,music , tall tales and jumping to conclusions Fri-Sun. We owe Butch the typical camping fees and a collection for the official band of the BRAB " Wes Hardin...
  14. Brotherbob

    Texas AirBoaters thank you.

    I just wanted to say publicly- THANK YOU to Bonnie Basham, Rick and all Southern Air boaters for your support of the TAA and the Brazos River Air Boaters (BRAB) of our endeavors ! Marsh Rider and Bonnie have been a valuable asset to stomping down Air boat regulation in Texas . Rick gives us a...
  15. Brotherbob

    TPWD meeting minutes TAA speaking on our behalf.

    http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/publications/multimedia/media/commission_20120829/20120829_com_01_annual_public_hearing.mp3 I wanted to publicly say thank you to Jeff Rost , Dana , Tom Lyle and Lee for speaking on behalf of the TAA and airboaters as a whole. You can hit the link above and listen...
  16. Brotherbob

    Pics from the Red River Run

    We had a good time , here's some pics to prove it.... Oil on the rudders aint good though....no biggie just tow it in and crack a beer. Discussing the options ...... Hook that SOB up heck I'll pull it.. I'll post a few more once I get these pics figured out... BB
  17. Brotherbob

    BRAB and American Airboat gettin' lots of love in MR Mag!

    All I can say is thanks to our Florida air boating family for letting us play in your sandbox ! Just a few years ago there was no connection with Texas and Florida as far as air boating in my world , now in large part to Marsh Rider magazine and the FAA we are one. Thank you for the coverage...
  18. Brotherbob

    Brazos river airboat ban with another name.

    What could happen? So, what could happen with the sale of commercial leaseholds and the remaining residential properties at Possum Kingdom Lake? It would seem that, under state law, the Brazos River Authority is required to sell properties at fair market value. Sources have said that’s the law...
  19. Brotherbob

    BRAB family.

    If ya wanna eat ,hang out and be amused by a bunch of rednecks there will be a gathering the weekend of the 31st this month at Desperation Ridge! Gonna just hang out , eat and maybe ride if the river goes down ,if not just be BRAB and listen to music , eat and watch Ms. Rita do that lil'...
  20. Brotherbob

    Upgrading from HEI ? On a SBC.

    Gents, I currently run a standard HEI and believe its weak and time for a upgrade. What systems would you recommend and why ? MSD ? Mallory? Just upgrade the components in my HEI ? I've got a fairly stout SBC that needs to turn 6200 RPM and HEI aint cuttin' the mustard. :lol: Appreciate the...