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    AV gas

    In the northern part of the state AV gas can be a pain to get. Has anyone found a 93 octane and additive that works as well? If so what additive and ratio. Will typically run av gas, just looking for a solution in a pinch. Thanks
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    AV Gas question

    I’ve had an issue with av gas and wanted to see if anyone else has had it happen. I store my gas in plastic race cans. I had the fuel in three of the can change from blue to clear. Poured some of the fuel in a glass container. It was cloudy and when it settled it had what looked like white...
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    Got a Buddy that’s looking for a self exciting alternator. The shop in our area that normally takes care of us has closed. Any suggestions?
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    Continental 520

    Need help/suggestions Motor has about 10 hours on overhaul. Has been running like a top. It has started trying to shut off when running on a plane, will catch back up if you let off of the gas. Will idle fine and plow up to 1800 rpm. Any thing over that it want to stall out after about 45...