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    Does the dark side really have cookies????

    I’ve always been an aircraft/GPU guy but I think if I was to get or build another boat it I think I am going CM and gear box. I don’t even know where to start with a motor. I want something carbed that makes good power but not super hopped up and unreliable on a 13-6 aluminum hull. Not sure...
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    Ma4-5 flange size

    What are the dimensions for the bolt pattern?
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    Stromberg R7A

    I acquired this carb out of trade. I am hoping to use it on a 470 conversion. Just looking for any info on it. I was told it came of an 8 cylinder conversion.
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    Holley 500 on a 470 conversion

    So those that have been following my recent posts I finally decided to start collecting parts and do a 470 conversion to my 220. So if my holley is running good on my 220 with a single mag and dome pistons do I need to do any adjusting putting it on a 470 conversion?
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    STD 220 jugs available

    I got 4 if anyone is looking for some 954-242-4476 $100 a piece $300 if you take them all
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    O-470-J ???

    I guy near by me has an O-470-J 225 hp straight valve motor I have been looking at. Just looking for any info and curious what kind of platform it gives me for converting in the future to AV cylinders
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    70” or 72” WW on a 220

    Currently run a 70” water walker on a 220 13’6” cottonmouth. Just wondering what I’d gain or lose swapping hubs and going to a 72”
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    GTSIO 220/520 intake/carb question

    I am planning on doing a 220/520 build and thinking about going the GTSIO route because of intake clearance issues with my rigging. What can be used from a 220 intake and is a Holley 500 enough carb?
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    E225/520 build

    I plan on building/having a motor built in the next year or two. I don’t think converting my 220 is worth it and it looks like a E225 would be the easiest motor to drop into metal work. The biggest question I have is should I go to a builder and let them find me a bottom end , core motor, or...
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    10 over 220 crank

    Are these safe to run a 470/520 conversion or it asking for problems. I know std is best but nearly impossible to find
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    535133 pistons

    What is the compression ratio on these pistons? Currently have them in my 220 What would the performance difference be between these in a 220 cylinder vs an AV470?
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    Is poly butter still around???

    A couple years ago I saw it on here. Wondering if they still sell it
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    Lucas oil additive raising oil temp?

    So last oil change I put a quart of Lucas in my 220. Mind you this is after I redid my hull, painted the rigging, replaced oil and fuel lines, and re-wired the boat. First time out noticed oil temp was a little high and she was definitely running rough. I figured that was just because a mix up...
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    Steering connecting rod for bell crank steering

    I want to make a new connecting rod that goes from my steering rod to my bell crank. It appears to me that whoever made it before just blazed a bolt into the end of 1/2 conduit to screw a heim joint on. The 1/2 is just too flimsy. Either way I need to know what kind of bolt is safe to braze...
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    Spraying rustoleum

    I am about to paint my rigging using Rustoleum's professional line paint and use the majic catalyst hardener and could use some tips. How much should I thin? How long between coats? Should I sand between coats? Any tips would be appreciated
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    Tips on brazing cage wire

    Any suggestions? I have been practicing on scrap pieces before I start rewriting my cage and looking for tips and tricks to not burn the wire.
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    Glassing in stringers

    I am getting ready to do stringers I found this video on YouTube and got the basic idea https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9jHUI0CiYbs My question is how may layers of glass should I use? My thoughts are use CSM then go over it with 1708 biaxle. Will this be enough or should I go CSM - 1708 - CSM -...
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    Is adding dual plugs worth it? 220 GPU?

    I am just wondering is adding another spark plug is worth it? Thinking about doing it and maybe switching to pacemaker ignition
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    Primer for a glass hull?

    what primer should I use for when I paint my glass hull? Do I even need primer? I will be using tractor supply implement enamel paint or rust-oleum enamel paint. Should I go self etching primer or with rust-oleums line of automotive primers? Self etching is expensive
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    E85 in an aircraft/GPU?

    I read and interesting article saying that E85 has a higher octane rating than tradition pump gas or even AV Gas 100LL. On top of that there are E85 conversion kits available for Holley carbs. From what I've read there are some trade offs.E85 is 25% less efficient than traditional gasoline so...