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    New Boat

    picking up another new used boat this week
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    Portable SSB Radio

    Does anyone know where I can get a portable sinlge side band (SSB) radio ??
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    0290-125hp boat

    I'm looking for a used but in decent shape aluminum 10-12ft single rear operator boat with a 0290 125hp lycoming on it, doesn't have to be a hill burner as long as it can run dry with just me and my huntin gear, have a 5k budget, please let me know what you got or feel free to email me pics...
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    Cool video...Check it out

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    Hammant/ 125hp Lycoming

    Can anyone tell me how a small hammant like Jonh C boat would perform with a 0290 125hp Lycoming with a composite prop, with just one person and gear ?? Or a boat similar to that, has to be aluminum, no glass boats. Thanks Jeff J.
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    0360 180hp price

    Does anyone know what the going rate for a rebuilt 0360 180hp wide deck Lycoming ready to bolt on the boat would be, either from Lacy everett or Jr.Jurnigan ???
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    Universal Healthcare Has to be STOPPED

    The Universal Healthcare Bill. If this doesn't scare you about what they are trying to do nothing will. Please pass this on. This is all true and copied directly from the bill. Just some highlights from the 1st 500 pages. Unreal!!!! FOLKS – THIS IS NO JOKE – PLEASE PASS ON AND CONTACT YOUR...
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    14ft alumitech Hull

    Have a friend that has a 1993 14 ft alumitech hull, smooth round chimes, no turn chimes, solid 4ft alum Robicheaux grass rake with step, and 1/4" polymer on the bottom and 10" up the sides for $1600 in good condition, but polymer is pretty worn, but would be ok for recreational , would have to...
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    IO 720 8cyl Lycoming

    Has anyone ever seen one on a boat, and out of curiosity, how big of a boat could I put one on to where it would still perform well. Also not sure I wanna know, but what is the going rate for a rebuilt one ready to bolt on a engine stand ??
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    Bay Craft Boats

    I know this isn't airboat related, but i figured since there made in Florida, some site users may have some info. I had my successful interior back fusion surgery this past Feb 16th, so I'm doing the whole recovery thing, so I know in about 6months I should have my lawsuit settled, and am very...
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    Turns out that our wonderful new pos president obama made another tax increase today, he put a 40% tax increase on aspiran, only because there white and they work.
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    ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=41926032&searchid=4099ba31-e31b-4f26-98a6-e86fad983f27 The subject says it all, Robicheaux hull with...
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    Back Surgery ??

    Just out of curiosity, anyone on here ever have any serious back related injuries or ever had a level one fusion or an IDET procedure, preferably on L5-S1, if so how has it changed your life, recovery time ?? Just wanna know if anyone has had this how has it altered your life, I'm currently 26...
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    Drillin off Fl Coast ?

    I know I'm probably stiring something up by bringin this up. But I was just wondering out of curiousity, I know probably a good 85% of the site members are from Florida, so I'm wondering what is ya'll stand point on whether or not they should start Drilling off the Florida coast and all along...
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    1999 15x7 Mark Robicheaux

    I'd like some help and opinion on a used boat I just put a deposit down on. I'm crossing over to the dark side to get away from the high priced hourly maintenance of my 0360 200 angle valve to a automotive boat. The boat is a 1999 15x7 Robicheaux. Its all 1/8", has 7 t-bars, full 4ft grass rake...
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    0290 125hp 4CYL---PROP SYSTEMS

    Does Whirlwind or Powershift or Terminator Make a 2-blade Composite prop for me to swing on my 12ft Ronnies with the 125hp on it. I was gonna sell it, but its never left me anywheres and has been really reliable , so decided to keep it as a spare boat. Just trying to add a little boost of...
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    All the input that ya'll gave me was much appreciated. Today I went and bought a 1999 12ft by 61/2 ft all 1/8" Robicheaux Full Deck with completely round smooth chimes. With a 0360 180hp angle vavle 4cyl Lycoming with a Powershift cypress series prop. 1/4" polymer on the bottom and 10" up the...
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    I'm gettin ready to buy another airboat soon. The last boat I had was a 12ft by 6 1/2 all 1/8" Ronnies single rear operator, full grass rake, 0290 125hp Lycoming 4cyl and a 5-blade warp drive. This time around I'm lookin for alot more power. I'm lookin to spend under $10K and I see that alot of...
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    0290- 10-12ft Boat Possibilites

    I'm lookin to build a small airboat soon, mainly cheap, and am looking to power it with an 0290 125hp 4cyl Lycoming. My dad who has built the first welded decked airboat in Louisiana had a 125 boat but was 10ft and had a wood stick prop. Barerly ran dry ground. I was lookin at builin a 10ft or a...


    12ft by 6 1/2 all 1/8" alum including deck, 0360-180hp, wood paddleprop, runs the hill awesome, custom built all alum 1/4" Alum Rod cage. 2500lb warn winch on the bow