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  1. Bamasoflorunner

    Continental bearings.

    Yep but I’m sure they have info either way
  2. Bamasoflorunner

    Continental bearings.

    I’m surprised no one commented. There’s a continental builder’s group on Facebook. Check there as well. Im interested in knowing for the 470/520 good places for the internals. God knows the prices are crazy as of late.
  3. Bamasoflorunner

    Stock GPU oil cooler

    Or call Russ at Ducarra online.
  4. Bamasoflorunner

    Stock GPU oil cooler

    Just get the one Schmidt sells you’ll be happy!
  5. Bamasoflorunner

    Continental noise

    Harbor freights compressor works fine. Ask me how I know?😂🤦🏼‍♂️😎
  6. Bamasoflorunner

    0470 running cool

    Doesn’t hurt that the humidity is low and cool temps, check it on a mid 80’s to 90’s day. My GPU runs in the 160’s usually and below on cool nights.
  7. Bamasoflorunner

    220 ground power units...do tell all...

    Check the classifieds! Guy James Shiver has all kinds of parts for the GpU and other continental stuff. Solid guy!
  8. Bamasoflorunner

    Oil Leaks Are Normal - Curtiss Jenny & A Lycoming Angle Valve (AV) IO-540 Tear Down

    I believe ya! I just love hearing seeing an awesome plan come together! Especially after all that hard work and great posts, I’m in standstill on a 470 ac rebuild to 520, just to much going on deer season kicking in Ga, kid in college first year and the gpu still runs great that’s gonna get...
  9. Bamasoflorunner

    Continental Engine ID

    Looks like a o-300 to me. Looks. Check top thread on Continental manuals for more info.
  10. Bamasoflorunner

    Continental 0470

    Did you get it to fire?
  11. Bamasoflorunner

    Continental 0470

    New internals
  12. Bamasoflorunner

    Continental 0470

    😂 autocorrect meant change🤦🏼‍♂️
  13. Bamasoflorunner

    Continental 0470

    If plugs are old put a new d16 plug onnn by it to see if it sparks, may be the plugs are old, just had this on mine, always fires up. Pulled to run and on initial start was hard to catch then eventually ran for 20 seconds died then nada, checked everything no spark on either mag. Put new plugs...
  14. Bamasoflorunner

    520 GPU PE-90 conversion connecting rod torque

    Look at the manuals above your post for Continental and GPUs, and or contact J. Fenner via PM or I’m sure he will chime in eventually. Wealth of knowledge.
  15. Bamasoflorunner

    PE90 crankshaft

    Go to the Classifieds the ground power parts advertisement, James is solid, contact him to see what he has. I have bought pistons from him. Good luck
  16. Bamasoflorunner

    Is everyone paying extra for ac oil?

    7.99 at rural king, a buddy just bought it yesterday near Lake Wales, bought Phillips a month ago at Schmidt for 85/case. And recently here in Broward Advanced Auti has it back in stock, $9.09 after discount and tax included online order pickup in store. Oil at Schmidt will be going up on next...
  17. Bamasoflorunner

    220 GPU Rings

    From J. Fenner, use in a 220 gpu.
  18. Bamasoflorunner

    220 GPU Rings

    Get a hold of Russ at Ducarra Aviation online. Or the ad in the classified with all the cylinders, call him see what he has or look at some e185 pistons rings. Good luck.
  19. Bamasoflorunner

    220 Gpu oil drain plug replacement

    Well I’ve seen the question a few times with no real answer. It’s not npt. It’s straight cut 3/4” 16 threads. Amazon CCCP central has them for 10$. I had to bush fix a old dodge plug brazed to 3/4” 16 straight thread for emergency to get running ended up working perfectly. Hope this helps...