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    airboat rigging

    Would like some input on whether to mig-weld or braze conduit(emt) rigging thanks in advance. PS don't want to start a war I just want opinions. :thumbleft: :rebel:
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    aircraft oil

    Any opinions on using Amalie 50wt aviation oil. :dontknow: :rebel: O'Reillys has it for 6 dollars a quart.
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    confederate flag

    Rick is SA going to get on board with the changing times and get rid of the Confederate Flag icon? :stirpot: :rebel: :rebel:
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    sprayer pumps

    What is the best PSI and GPM to use for your spray system(cheater).THANKS
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    Lake Istokpoga

    Anybody headed there today(Sun 10-5) thanks. :scratch: :rebel:
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    Riding Kiss

    Anybody riding outta Shady Oaks Sunday the 28th? :scratch: :rebel:
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    Water in Lake Kissimmee

    Thinking about putting in at Shady Oaks tomorrow(Sun 18) and riding up the west side towards the Bus can anybody tell me how the water is, only been there once. Thanks for any info. :scratch: :salute: :rebel: PS I guess I,m asking if the trails are mud or water. :dontknow: :rebel:
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    overstreet party

    I see mayhem is postponed a day, has anybody heard anything about the Overstreet Jamboree. :dontknow: :rebel:
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    best prop

    I have a 5 blade warpdrive 68in on a 0360 angle valve, if I wanted switch to wood blade Sensenich, what would be the pitch to go with to give me the best push on ground, not really concerned about speed. Yes I will be contacting them on Monday but hoping for some input before then. Thanks for...
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    Kissimmee ridin

    Anybody riding outta Shady Oaks this Sat morning? :rebel:
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    Lake Kissimmee

    Can somebody give me an idea about how far it is from Grape Hammock to Camp Mack and also how many miles around the perimiter of the lake. THANKS :dontknow: :salute: :rebel:
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    First trip to Kissimmee

    Thinking about going to Lake Kissimmee for the first time,where would the best and easiest place to launch an airboat from? I will be coming from Sebring. THANKS :dontknow: :rebel: :rebel:
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    paint for alum

    Gonna repaint my alum.decked over sled, wondering what kinda paint ya,ll would recommend,auto paints not in the budget. THANKS :dontknow: :rebel: