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    Looking an a used airboat

    Hello, Just my opinion, seems like a lot of money for an engine with 1200 hrs. Is the motor supercharged? Was it a crate engine or detailed out by PCM? Trailer included? EastBay
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    Thank you, appreciate it! My LSA fuel line setup has a braided stainless covered line running from the FCC to the fuel rail. Its OD at the FCC is 3/8" with a 90 deg tube fitting. It attaches to a threaded adapter into the top of the FCC. Fuel line is similar to what I find in auto high...
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    Hello, Does anyone know what AN fuel line size is for this motor. OD of metal fuel line is 3/8" I believe. Asking because I would like to add a fuel pressure gauge b/w the FCC and the fuel line to the motor. Any help is appreciated. Those who have with motor feel free to contact me....been...
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    Fuel pressure drop at 180

    Hello, You still logging in... running a LSA 6.2L SC . Had similar problems. Like to talk about these motors and their problems. EastBay
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    Considering my first airboat - some basic questions to get started

    Hello, Check out GTO air boats in Ocala...I have a 15x8 deck over PCM LSA 6.2 L SC. So like GTO hull and their work, wiring detailing all very high quality....some what not happy with PCM motor...been working through several problems. Engine does run super strong when everything is right. Just...
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    Levitator New Heads?

    Hello, Running a LS 6.2 SC 2017. Had overheating problems. Went to a 165 T stat...drilled another hole in the rim as well. Still had overheat problems. Finally, the solution was a bad remote supercharger water pump. Is yours supercharged? Additionally, added Water Wetter to the antifreeze...
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    LS Motors.

    Hello, Running GTO LS motor here in Eastpoint, Fl. No real issues...rinse it off occasionally. Headers and exhaust tend to have surface rust. Spray it down with Sta Bil Rust stopper. Use a lot of plastic UV protector on plastic covers. Eastpoint
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    Hello, Was wondering what you use for gasoline plug sealant and what you use for O-ring lube in...

    Hello, Was wondering what you use for gasoline plug sealant and what you use for O-ring lube in gasoline filter system. Hope you have been on the water.....wife and I told a Mother's Day ride once I found the low pressure fuel pump plug in not connected after I had r & r ed my oil pressure...
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    I live in Dublin Tx. I will pay for an airboat ride.

    Hello, I am in the panhandle near Apalachicola....east of Panama City ....redneck Riviera here! Eastpoint
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    I live in Dublin Tx. I will pay for an airboat ride.

    Hello, If ever over in panhandle florida...let me know. Eastpoint.
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    Fuel Pumps And Headaches

    Hello, That was for you Fat Cracker!
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    Fuel Pumps And Headaches

    Hello, Clean looking air boat! Eastpoint
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    6.2L Batteries

    Hello, Need a little help here. Have 6.2L motor with two 12 volt batteries. The batteries need to be replaced. Have a Perko switch....off battery 1, battery 2 , or both. Should I get a dedicated start for #1 and a deep cycle for #2. Have LED lights and typical boat light: running...
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    Hello, Would like to keep my two 12 volt batteries charged up in my air boat. Would like to do a permament istallation to charge two batteries connected to the typical Pecko battery swithch. I think I would use two solar panels. Just not sure how it should be set up...need a solar controller...
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    Hello, Has anyone taken apart or rebuilt a SPX Flow/Johnson Pump CM90? Just installed a new one in my boat. Took the "bad" one apart...not sure what was wrong...or what I should be looking for. Tested the electric motor and it runs...had some in and out play in the impeller shaft. Any ideas...
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    OX Box Bolt Up

    Hello, Need a bit of help here. Probably a real stupid question... I have a LS 6.2 with an OX box gear reduction. How many allen head bolts connect it to the engine block. See many bolt holes in the OX box housing, but it looks like only 5 threads holes into the engine block that line up...
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    6.2 LS thermostat

    Hello, Need a replacement thermostat for a Pleasure Craft Levitator Motor 6.2L SC. Anyone know what brand or model I should be looking for? Degree of thermostat is 195F. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Eastpoint
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    Primers to Trade

    Hello, I have large pistol - revolver primers I would like to trade for small pistol primers. Let me know. Send a message and we can discuss the specifications. Thank you. Eastpoint
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    Diagnostic port on 6.2

    Hello, Can someone tell me where the diagnostic port is for a Levitator 6.2 SC. Found the electronic control module...but not a plug in port. Any help is appreciated. If anyone comes to Apalachicola to boat....let me know. Thank you. Eastbay