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  1. Andy

    14 x7' 6 Solid built Marty Bray With rod boxes LS powered Prop help please

    I have a 15,, 550hp stroked sbc,,2.68 box 80inch 3 blade R. No issues with dry ground she runs. 5400@ wot.
  2. Andy

    Redfish Reports

    Well this has been a crazy winter,, hope you guys have done well, we’ve only be able to make a couple trips due to work.. Bringing up the next generation!!
  3. Andy


    I had to provide all me receipts,, so I brought enough to cover basic stuff,, they were fine with that
  4. Andy

    383 builder in central Florida?

    Kenny Voss in Live oak
  5. Andy

    1st hull strip and slick...

    hey John and Gator,, Do you guys know if anybody is going to pick up Mr Porters product,, we’ve had great luck with it and with him passing wasnt sure of the outcome?
  6. Andy

    Airboat for saltwater?

    just my option ,,,but don’t go to small yea the creeks are skinny but if you have to deal with open water it can get pretty dam choppy. Min 15ft and plenty of power
  7. Andy

    Slick bottom fiberglass hull durability

    I had heard Mr Porter was in a accident and is no longer producing Frog Spit. Do any of y’all know if that’s the case?
  8. Andy

    Safe distance for the prop to be inside and open hull fiberglass boat

    This subject is like politics. When you start looking around there’s all kinds of setups,,,,
  9. Andy

    Newbee question about potential purchase

    My Son has a 14’. 450hp stroker ,2.68 with a 80” super wide its a tank on the hill,,Depending on who built the hull makes a big difference. That mold passed hands couple times. Weight is key! His boat has slick bottom, no poly
  10. Andy

    Yeah, He Did That.

    Yep,,, We got 2&1/2 more years of this idiot. I hope the Country can survive it..
  11. Andy

    Searching for engine builder

    Kenny Voss in Live Oak
  12. Andy

    Stainless Metalwork

    I haven’t kept up with industry, I’m aware of all the Big shops that do metalwork. Didn’t know if there’s a new Stainless guru out there ?
  13. Andy


    FYI, On Sept 29th, I ordered a Fobes holster from Holsterland, they took my payment and let me know there was a 2-3 wk back order. I also received a email confirmation. I"ve sent them at least 10 emails ,left them 5 voice mails filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and still haven't...
  14. Andy

    Scallop question

    How far north of Crystal River have any of you guys found scallops,
  15. Andy

    So am I crazy?

    I've owned my current boat 8 years, It's a cm , Marty Braye hull standard k&n filter..I've operated it in the rain,trailed it in the rain its sat in the rain on a few of our trips never have I had a issue with water.. This past Sunday I pulled it to the coast in a mist ,drizzle for 30 mins when...
  16. Andy

    Gator Glide

    Got a buddy who wants to put gator glide on a Jon boat with a mud motor, I'm not familar with this product. Should we put some eching primer on it before the Gator glide?
  17. Andy

    Starter Question?

    Has anyone had any issues with this set up, it’s snapped the bottom ear off the starter twice
  18. Andy

    Green Stinger bushings

    Has anyone had any issues's with these. Gear box has no noise or vibration,oil is fine. The Red bushings look perfect, the Green ones look like they have melted ! Any ideas?????
  19. Andy


    Has anyone used this bootom coating,and if so have you installed it in a Fiberglass hull
  20. Andy


    I fished in the Horseshoe area on Sat the 3rd and had a guy in a Boat with Sonnys Barbeque on the rudders that obviously doesnt care about anyone else or what people think about all of us Airboaters!! Besides gettin sprayed and blown by his prop wash He acted like a total azz! We should all...