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  1. Deano

    Ice boat build help

    Well, I'm not Rick, but I am another casual observer . . . The previous poster who has the exact experience you were asking for, tells you . . . You seem to conveniently over-look what that means. NOTE AND UNDERSTAND the man telling you this is currently running a 427 with a blower AND a...
  2. Deano


    You really need to give us a clue what engine it is that you're asking about, so we have something to go on. If it's an Cadillac there are extracurricular issues to be aware of, but no need in rewriting that book if it's something else.
  3. Deano

    Continental noise

    Could have saved some huntin' and peckin' had I realized that. Still . . . . It's always a good thing when a cautionary tale ends up not being applicable.
  4. Deano

    Continental noise

    You never stated what the old piston measured nor confirmed what the bore of that specific cylinder is (at least that I saw). This is something John eluded to earlier, and for good reason. I also, would caution you to NOT assume that everything is as factory intended or meant for it to be. This...
  5. Deano

    gotta rebuild

    For what little behind chewing goes on here, I think you will find starting a new thread is NOT frowned on. Surely, doesn't need to always be the case, but generally when a subject matter spans years the crowd that will respond is likely different anyway, so no harm done. Trust me, you aren't...
  6. Deano

    gotta rebuild

    I don't know it you realize this or not, but this is a three year old thread (not that it matters in and of itself). Beyond that, I regret the need to inform you that Buddy Branch has since passed and joined many other Silent Props. That is not to say Swamp' will not be able to help you with...
  7. Deano

    Sensenich help...

    Very little variance at the top end with between these set-ups. Spinning 4250 engine rpms -> - with Falcons and 1.73 gear = 2456 pRPMs - with Maximus and 2.09 gear = 2033 pRPMs The discernible difference would be the Falcons will render you a little higher cruise rpm, where the Maximus would...
  8. Deano

    How does the TQ curve affect rpms.

    I started a post yesterday before 'Gator posted, attempting to explain why you needed more gear. I saved a draft (I thought) because I had to be elsewhere. Now I find that it didn't save it, but I do see that 'Gator summed it up in one sentence . . . In your first, initial post: You start out...
  9. Deano

    aluminum polishing

    If you don't get a response from a local, the generic answer would be to check at and around whatever truck stops may be in your area. No mystery as to why . . . but those guys seem to congregate where the work is.
  10. Deano

    Sensenich help...

    Carbon Concepts is what Water Walker was before David Wine exited the company. I agree with Russ, the Maximus blades would work very well for exactly what you are wanting to do. It looks to me like your other viable alternative would Whirlwind's CarbonMax EX blades. I have no experience with...
  11. Deano

    Sensenich help...

    I have to agree that you should stop, and design a plan to properly identify all the pieces so they work together. I mistakenly figured that by now you had already done this. You were thinking correctly that your engine and gear need to work together to spin the prop at the RPMs where it would...
  12. Deano


    Glad you didn't post this till after I mowed down some pretty darn good blueberry waffles. She would have been less than impressed if I had started throwing rocks at them! 🤣
  13. Deano

    Sensenich help...

    Radtech, I had no idea you were figuring on turning your engine up to near 5 grand. If your valve train is capable of doing that for the long term, you could disregard my comment about limiting your RPMs to 4300. I don't know anything about your valve valve train, but I don't think an RV cam is...
  14. Deano

    Sensenich help...

    The best person would be the next guy after me to tell you you have to much time and money invested to use less than a 2.09 gear. A 1.7x gear is for a stock, tired original antique that usually has an equally tired and decrepit valve train. This is almost so simple that it's hard to explain...
  15. Deano

    How does the TQ curve affect rpms.

    Is your new prop right or left hand rotation? Are you still running the same belt drive or did you switch to a gear box before you bought the new prop? Are the specs still the same as before. ie. designed top end at 2450?
  16. Deano

    Direct drive Cadillac prop NGH or Q?

    His hull was a 14' Jimmy White hull; hence, fiberglass. Be aware that the results he speaks of there are to be credited largely to the Branch engine build. not solely to the prop he was running.
  17. Deano

    Inconsistent rpms

    You evidently don't realize that Norman Clay is THE Header Guy, not just a header guy. Dave @ Water Thunder had Norman build his headers for years (most likely still does), and he is the only one I remember ever seeing Dave recommend where headers were concerned. Given that Dave is THE LS Guy...
  18. Deano

    14 x7' 6 Solid built Marty Bray With rod boxes LS powered Prop help please

    You are correct, in that your larger prop proposition would give you more (likely much more), push than you currently have. Sounds like you have plenty of gear for the amount of boat. Seems odd that such a setup would have a 72" prop to start with. There should be no mystery as to why it "turns...
  19. Deano

    Looking for pushrods

    Not that there is any need to, but I can confirm 'Gator's suspicion. I bought some from Gary back in the day, and that is where he sourced them. Given that he knew what we need, I'd guess he got a deal buying them in bulk and not needing the markup. That was quite a while ago, as I think I paid...
  20. Deano

    Pe 90 running

    If our dear, departed brother White Bear was still with us, he'd say . . . "Put that in 'the Classified Section!', it has no place in the Forums" I will point out that is were people look, if they want to buy something; not here or elsewhere.