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    First oil change

    I have a new 6.0 motor I'm doing first 15hr service on any advice on oil an filter. Also have to do oxbox oil change if any one know oil viscosity rating that would be awesome
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    Wanting to go for a ride by Kissimmee

    So long story shout im coming down from the midwest the first week of may. I was hoping my new boat woud be done and i would be able to take it on its maiden voyage down there.. But its looking like it might not be 100% done. So if anyone is going out sometime 2nd-5th and have 2 spare seat we...
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    What are your must have supplies.

    Just wondering what everyone keeps on there boat just in case.
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    Prop slection

    Ok I bought a 14 combee boat. I am putting a 5.3 motor on it. Motor is stock other than cam and supposedly about 400hp. My question is belt or gear reduction? An would I benefit from a 3 blade over a 2 blade. Boat had a sbc with gear reduction and a 78in 2 blade.
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    Question about having new boat built?

    Wounding how having a new boat built works. Some builders have a 12 to 18 month wait to have a boat built. Do they have to be paid full up front or is there a deposit and the rest do when boats built. What is normal deposit?
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    Airboat friendly campground

    Anyone know of any camp spots on the river that have openings. Would love to find and airboat friendly spot with ramp around Omaha area
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    Gear reduction to belt drive

    I am looking a a new project and wanted some input. I found a whitetail hull with everything but motor and reduction. It had a sbc and gear reduction I am wanting to put a sbc with a belt reduction. What all would need to be done to accomplish it? I am assuming the height would be my only real...