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  1. Oxbox


    Other side oxbox.
  2. Tilton clutch pedal and cylinder oxbox

    Tilton clutch pedal and cylinder oxbox

    Short throw. Need to adjust rod to shorten pedal up.
  3. Line lock ox box.

    Line lock ox box.

    Right next to drivers rt hand. Esse her down and zoom....and anyone who has the balls to drop one at 6000rpm has my respect aNd condolences.
  4. Oxbox w clutch on the Maddog

    Oxbox w clutch on the Maddog

    Quiet and crisp. Cant wait to run it on Tuesday.
  5. R

    Help my daughter win a scholarship round 2

    Folks my daughter needs you to click on video 2 (morehead) and vote for her. Even if you voted before. They are gaining on her so its time for the SA boys to put the mojo on these folks. Please click on video 2 at the bottom of the page. Thanks, Charles...
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    2000 Ford Superduty 4x4 4r100 trransmission help

    My 2000 7.3 puked a bunch of fluid out after i came back from kissimmee and let it idle. Pouring out from front seal after stop and go driving. 201k on trans and it shifts perfectly---but has been using fluid and now I see why. Must be getting hot from towing and puking fluid out. Who is the so...
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    Georges belgium yacht about to breathe fire....

    I see Keith from GtO is over in belgium helping georges install and fire up that new engine and box. Be very interested to see how this turns out..... Maddog
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    Idiots draining Lake Okeechobee again...

    So the water surgeons are going to start draining the Lake according to their website and the news....The Army Corp is just so in the stone age. They did this crap two years ago and started a huge drought. Ridiculous... Maddog
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    Need a trailer towed from ft myers to lauderdale & back

    I need someone to pick up a 24 ft boat trailer in ft myers and go to ft lauderdale. Load a 24 center console boat and tow it back to ft myers. Anyone want the job? Pm or reply Charles
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    Trailer tires talk

    I am getting way too many trailer tire failures on brand new seemingly junk tires. Who is running great tires and what are they? Maddog
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    Maddog has a brand new stainless even quieter exhaust...

    pics in my gallery...Alumitech carried out my design for a 3" stainless hard piped exhaust with stainless knuckles and 45 degree turndowns behind the transom. Uses mufflers that are bigger than Alumitech uses, but she is quiet for sure. if someone could put those pics from my gallery in here i...
  12. stainless exhaust 3" knuckles

    stainless exhaust 3" knuckles

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    Stolen airboat from Stuart florida

    On facebook today.....Charles
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    Orange Lake rain?

    You boys finally gonna get some rain from Beryl? Radar look promising.... Maddog
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    Bergeron's Camp in 3a south today...

    Thought some folks would like to see ron bergerons east everglades camp... Maddog http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Mvc8IlYG79E#
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    "Poly capped bolts".......

    Anyone tried these? Stole picture from superslide.com ad in the classifieds. Maddog
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    New Sensenich coating...

    Got the Firstus R blades back w new edge and coating. Amazing shine and depth of luster. You can literally shave in them. Pics later. Maddog
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    If you want to use & hunt the Everglades, you better go!

    From: Erica.A.Robbins@usace.army.mil To: cerpprojectsprogram@evergladesplan.org Sent: 4/5/2012 12:39:52 P.M. Central Daylight Time Subj: [cerpprojectsprogram] Central Everglades Planning Project Working Group-sponsored public workshop April 17 and Project Delivery Team meeting April 18...
  19. Electromotive coil pack with custom mount

    Electromotive coil pack with custom mount

    Abner hooked us up with the Electromotive XDI with Map sensor for adjustable timing with six coils. waterproof ecu but still mounted out of the weather...
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    Firstus with the Mostus lost his magnetos....

    Many thanks to Abner in Okeechobee for the Electromotive XDI six coil direct fire ignition design. Crank triggered, mags deleted. When propeller returns from Sensenich will report test asap. Maddog on behalf of Parker...lol.