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    Lycoming 0-540 RPMs

    A picture of the boat might be able to tell a lot.
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    The Tower / Swiming hole in the Everglades

    If you are unfamiliar with the trip there, a GPS or a second boat with experience is a must. There are a few areas where a couple paths look correct, and if you lack the experience you can make a wrong turn with ease. I make the trip out there at NIGHT alone probably 8-10 times a year…talk...
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    14 footer with a SV540 swinging a 72” NGQ. Great running boat. Runs dry, and I’ve hit 69mph with it. NGQ is all I will run. Best prop on a heavier boat.
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    Absolute best material to build rigging and why? Go:

    33-year-old EMT rigging in perfect shape. No rust, no bends, light weight. Granted the boat has always been stored indoors and never abused…but I agree with the above comments, EMT can last a lifetime.
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    Night riding lights

    The big boy for $140. I’m willing to spend good money on safety. With my old lights there have been several times where I completely lost the trail on a night ride when I was 25 miles from the ramp, by myself. The trails lose their definition when you get way out west in Area 3…and I have...
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    Avgas rusting fuel/water separator?

    Been running a Fuel/water separator/filter on a 540 boat that only gets Avgas. I had the carb rebuilt recently and pulled the fuel filter off and noticed it was rusted inside (year old). Never saw any water inside the clear bowl at the bottom. That was three months ago, put a new filter on it...
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    7.3 Truck for sale

    For the longest time there was an OBS 7.3 regular cab truck listed in the classified section for sale. It was probably listed a couple of times over the last couple years. Green truck, From somewhere in Central Florida if I remember correctly. Anybody know who was selling that truck, or if it’s...
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    Fulldeck Bottom Seams

    I’m not exactly sure what you mean. All mine have been plates of aluminum.
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    Just mounted a Garmin 64sx handheld on my console. I really like it. Initially I wanted a big hard-wired unit, but I’m glad I went this route instead.
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    Hull Taper

    Just curious about the science behind figuring what taper to bend the sheets of a riveted hull at (stern to bow taper). You look at some of the old Thurmans and they have a lot of taper making the bow deeper. But the later Thurmans, and the newer Benny Webb’s have less taper. The Don Davis’ and...
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    I'm Building 2 Stossel Boats with High Torque Motors

    I just went out to the shop and pulled my dipstick. I last changed my oil on January 17. A conservative estimate is that I have probably 12-15 hours on this oil, I’ve run the boat 6 or 7 times this year so far. Some quick rides, a couple of long rides, so it’s probably more than 12-15 hours. I...
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    Aluminum Hull Repair/Rebuild

    That’s good to hear. When I told people I wanted .125 they didn’t understand why. I think people are under the assumption it adds a ton of weight to the hull, but I did the math based on the numbers from several suppliers and just under 41 pounds is what I figured on a 13x7’2 hull (110.5 square...
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    IO-540 idle RPM

    IO-540 AV with Airflow Performance fuel injection and Pacemaker Ignition. What is the preferred engine idle rpm I should set it at, what idle RPM is best for the engine? Right now I’ve got it set at 600 RPM, and it idles nice and steady with 50psi oil pressure. I did some research and I see on...
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    IO-540 fuel injection spider issue

    This is my first fuel injected 540 and I have an issue with the flow divider (spider). When realeasing the throttle a small amount of fuel will shoot out of the top of the housing. So I got a new diaphragm and attached that to my existing shaft and spring that was inside the spider. Sorry if I’m...
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    Rubber pads between rigging and deck

    What type of rubber are guys using to make the pads to separate the rigging from the boat deck? Last time I made a set I used some stuff from ACE Hardware and it didn't last. I'm thinking something like this? 1/8 thick neoprene rubber...
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    Looking for an airboat painter in Broward/Palm Beach

    Looking to get a Thurman hull painted by someone in Broward or Palm Beach County. Preferably would like to get it done by somebody who has worked with airboats before, so that having to deal with all of the rivets on the deck doesn’t throw them off. Not looking for a crazy custom paint job, just...
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    Line X on full deck

    Looking for some firsthand opinions and experiences with Line X on Airboats. Looking to have it professionally applied to the deck of my riveted full deck in silver. It’s an older bare aluminum deck and it could use some freshening-up. Seadeck is too expensive, and I don’t like regular painted...
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    IO-540 AV w/ electronic ignition plug gap

    I just bought this boat. I did some searching and it sounds like .024 is the typical plug gap on a 540, which is what I've run on all of my previous 540s with mags. My question is, this engine has electronic ignition, so is the standard .024 plug gap still recommended if you're not running mags...
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    CermiNil Cylinders

    I'm looking to purchase a boat with an AV 540 that has all six cylinders with the CermiNil process done by ECI. All six cylinders were certified airworthy when they were installed on the boat some years back (I've seen the yellow tags and paperwork). All of my boats have been aircraft, but...
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    Stainless vs Conduit rigging

    I've searched the forums and received some info, but nothing comparing the actual weight differences between stainless and conduit riggings. So considering that the overal structure would be similar (single rear driver, double front pass, on a tall glades-style rigging for a 13' deck over) can...