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  1. 450HPFullHouse

    CCAA Tribute/benefit Ride for Chuck Rackley

    Ride is going to take place January 17th. We are going to have our monthly meeting that day at the swimming hole. Club is going to provide charcoal and condiments so bring anything you want to cook for lunch. Would love to see everyone out for a Ride to show our support for a man that has done...
  2. 450HPFullHouse

    Thieves strick CCAA

    Just how low can people get??? We as a club have tried to provide a great place for all of us to gather,cook, and get out of the weather. This being said I guess some scum bags decided to break into our shed and steal our stuff!! :violent1: Just can't stand a thief :evil: Hope they really...
  3. 450HPFullHouse

    Citrus County Airboat Alliance Poker Run

    Remember this weekend May 17 we are having our annual Poker Run. Looking forward to seeing everyone out this weekend. 11:00 am is the start time so please make sure you are at the swimming hole in time to register. :thumbleft:
  4. 450HPFullHouse

    Citrus County Airboat Alliance Rodeo

    Remember this weekend 4-19-14 is our annual airboat rodeo at or club spot the Swimming hole. Please as a reminder if you are wanting to run the course registration is at 11:00 AM. We would love to see everyone out this weekend and remember with this many boats out on the water watch out for each...
  5. 450HPFullHouse

    Citrus County Airboaters

    :violent1: :thumbleft: Just a heads up to all of us that airboat and enjoy riding in the Hernando area. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful place to ride and hang out. This being said there are a few places that we stop and hang out on dry land, not all are privately owed but the ones...
  6. 450HPFullHouse

    Wysong Damn Closed for Repairs.

    Just a heads up to any of you that may plan on riding the River next week. The Damn will be out of service beginning Tursday morning until Friday evening. They are planning on having it open for the weekend. Please pass this info on to anyone you think may be out during the week next week. Dates...
  7. 450HPFullHouse

    Great weekend riding Citrus County

    This weekend was picture perfect for riding :thumbleft: . We had a great time and got to see some of those awesome creations coming from DB. Jeff and Jr it was great being able to put faces to names and look forward to riding some new places with you guys. Jeff here is the video of you tearing...
  8. 450HPFullHouse

    First ride went great!!

    It was great to be back out riding today. Saw lots of new faces and had a great time. The new boat far surpassed all of my expectations and runs like a beast!! The ride to Sleepy Hollow was nice and the weather was perfect. See everyone soon. :salute:
  9. 450HPFullHouse

    When did you learn to drive an airboat?

    Just curious to see what the best age to have kids start driving. I love riding just about every weekend we are able to. This being the case there is more opportunity for things to go wrong. We have three boys that love Airboating as much as me. I have thought them the basics of safely driving...
  10. 450HPFullHouse

    Update on Airboat slides in Citrus County

    Huge thank you to all who contributed to the fundraiser. Just to let everyone know they did start on Turner Camp slide today. It is going to be great having new boards for us to cross. As it stands now they should start work on the Wysong Damn slide as soon as work is done on Turner. It is great...
  11. 450HPFullHouse

    Wysong Damn Slide

    The slide is in need of repair. Some of the boards are cracking and there are screws sticking up tearing into poly and slick bottom. The Citrus County Airboat Alliance has already split the cost with SWFWMD to redo the Turner Camp Road slide. This project is to replace the boards with true 2x6...
  12. 450HPFullHouse

    Airboats not allowed to run throught Chassahowitzka Refuge!!

    Just received the “draft management plan” from the US Fish & Wildlife Service regarding the Management Plan for Chassahowitzka for the next 15 years.  If you remember, the Airboat Club had requested a North/South trail through the Refuge (in the shallow water following the canoe trail) so...
  13. 450HPFullHouse

    Bushings for Stinger soft drive

    Cleaning boat up for trip to Camp Mack today and noticed bushings are shot on my gear box. Would greatly appreciate any help locating a set of bushings. Thanks for any help you guys can share. Hate to miss out on a great weekend of riding.
  14. 450HPFullHouse

    Camp Mack this weekend!!!

    Can't wait for this weekend. We are coming down for our annual out of town ride. The Citrus County Airboat Alliance gets together members and we all head to camp Mack for a couple days of riding and relaxation. I know there is a lake clean up this weekend also, so looking forward to meeting some...
  15. 450HPFullHouse

    GTO swap meet this Saturday March 3rd

    Just a reminder that the swap meet is this weekend. Hope everyone can make it out and bring some of those spare parts that are taking up room in your shop. Sure to be a good time and maybe find that piece of the puzzle you are looking for.
  16. 450HPFullHouse

    Our marshes and water ways shrinking.

    Just wanting to see how many people are aware of what is taking place in Tallahassee. This could mean a huge impact on our ability to access and use public lands or bodies of water. Here is a quick summary and a link to the bill. Please post if you know more about   UW-F opposes Florida SB...
  17. 450HPFullHouse

    Shiny clean prop?

    Looking to find a product that will help clean and polish my prop. Hate the bugs a grim that stick. It's also nice to see a like new shine. Any tried and true products that are carbon fiber safe. Thanks.
  18. 450HPFullHouse

    Hernando Saturday

    Anyone going to ride Hernando tomorrow? Heard the water is scarce back past the swimming hole. Just looking to get out on the water.
  19. 450HPFullHouse

    Sensenich R series prop

    Looking to change the blades on my boat to the new R series blades. Curious to see if anyone has these on there boat and if so how do they perform. Thanks for any info to help my choice.