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    Airboat Show

    What is the exact dates of the airboat show in feb.? do you have you enter you boat before hand, or do you just show up and enter it? i talking about the one in west palm i belive its feb. 24?
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    This Weekend?

    Whats going on in Cococa this weekend? heard bobby hoffman, jimmy white and all them gonna be putting ona show? let me know, Me and Lil' Bob might might over to watch.
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    Good Deal!

    I am fixing to start my self a new set of rigging again. Gonna keep my hull seats and all that stuff. just wanting to sell the rigging it self. So here is a deal for someone! Alomst Brand New set of ride boat metal works for 0540. Front seat driver, double back, pancake cage with 4x4 stainless...
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    Suzuki Samurai 4x4

    Does anyone have a 4x4 Suzuki Samurai for sale? just s stock plane jane deal, actually all i really need is the frame, running gears, motor transmission, etc.. pretty much everything but the cab, so it really doesnt matter what the body looks like! I would be willing to trade some welding work...
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    3-Blade Sensenich Hub

    I have a 74" 3-blade h-series sensenich.. if i wanted to change the blades to 70" q-series blades would it work... what Im asking is are the baldes and hubs interchangeable
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    Prop Results

    Ran the ole 5-fodey this weekend with the new 3-blade h-series. Man, that is by far the best all around performing prop I have ever had! I did quite a bit of riding, and usally I would of burnt about 3/4 tank out fuel. Right now sitting on the trailer it says I have almost 1/2 in it! The fuel...
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    Got a prop today. 74" 3-blade H-series sensenich, and all I can say is wow! its like driving a different boat! i cruise at a way lower rpm than i did with my warp drive, were talking at least 200 rpms! I havent run it on the ground yet, just ran it in lake marion by my house, but I can tell it...
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    Found a 3-blade h-series 78". That is to tall for my cage, but I remeber yall saying the blades could be trimmed? whats the shortest they can be trimmed too? Going to look at prop first thing tomorrow, hurry with anwsers please!
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    3-Blade Q-series

    Do they make a 68" short hub 3-blade Sensenich Q-series?
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    Sensenich Props

    By any chance could some Sensenich prop dealers PM me prices for a 72" 3-blade Q-series. And do yall think this will perform good on a 315 horsepower injected 540?
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    Name Change

    Just letting everyone know Rick changed my name from Predator0470, to PredatorI0540. Thanks Rick! :occasion5:
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    Funny... see if you understand

    There once was a man who had 3-daughters. One 17, and 2 twins 15. One night they all 3 were going on seperate dates. The father agreed and told them they could go but he had to meet the 3 boys before they could leave with them. Well a little while later the door bell rang, it was one of the boys...
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    Got New Motor

    Went over to Garys today ( Outlaw Aircraft Engine's ) and picked up my new I0-540 today. Man is she beauitful! Its gonna be a power house too! Will post pictures soon! Starting the rigging this weekend, and will see you all on the water very soon!
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    Airboat Items FOR SALE

    I have some things I am in desprete need of getting rid of.. I am having a new I0-540 built and and need to get rid of these items. 1. 0-470 E-series Angle Valve Continental. Dual Bendix Mags, Starter, Altenator, prop adapter,fly-wheel. Millennium Valve Covers w/ stainless 1/4" allen head valve...
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    I have an e-series 0-470 Angle Valve Continental. I resently burn one of the mags up(pos. touched neg. and fried points, coil, and condencer). So I put new points, condencer, and coil in it. But the motor still shuts of when grounding the good mag out. So i pulled the cap, and tested each hole...
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    Types of Boats

    Was wondering what people prefer, like HULL, METAL-WORKS, MOTOR, PROP, ETC. "WHAT KIND OF WHOLE BOAT DO YOU PREFER" I prefer Fiber-Glass Hulls, Conduit Metal works, 6-cylinder Aircraft, with a wide-blade composite prop, or warp-drive depending on race, or ride boats.
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    When are you bringing the 180 boat to Lake Kiss.? Soon i hope, there is some boys waiting
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    I seen on Crackers website that your suppose to bring a 180 on a aluminum boat? Is this true? Just wondering, im sure there be some people to race this weekend out there.. Getting my new cylinder on tomorrow and putting a 6-blade on and Hopfully ill be there! see ya soon
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    where is gardner's marsh?

    it might have water in it now, but getting through the mudd to the middle where the water is, is a different story, havent been out to the lake in a week or so... but there is a few entrances to gardners marsh... one by bull-shit hill, also the hole-in-the-wall on cypress, and an opening back...
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    Warp Drive Pitch

    I have a 68" 5-Blade Warp Drive. My motor is a e-series case with 0-470 Angle Valve Cylinders. Its suppose to be 260hp. Does any run this prop on a 260 Horsepower motor? If so whats its pitched at.. i would like to turn 2900-3000