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  1. J

    Lycoming 0290 prop

    I have a lycoming O-290 with a 68in 5 blade warp on it. It needs a little more bottom end what would be a good recommend pitch on it? I understand it’s a low horse power engine and there are better props out there but it’s what I got so if I could just get recommended pitch settings for this...
  2. J

    ISO prob adaptor for a older 350 chevy motor

    I am looking for a prop adaptor for a older chevy 350 motor the boat will be direct drive not sure if that will make a difference in adaptors also I am using a 5 blade warp drive prop this is my first car motor boat so if anyone can tell me where to buy a prop adaptor or if someone is selling...
  3. J

    350 chevy airboat

    I'm planning on building my first boat it will be a 13 foot river master haul with a 350 chevy motor on it without a gear reduction. I know if I put a big prop on it that it would be the best but would a 68 in 5 blade warp be ok until I can get a bigger prop? Also what else would I need to...
  4. J

    grass rake

    Im in search of someone local to me to build a grass rake. Im located in fort lauderdale. Its a 11x7 aluminum sled. I want it 3 to 4 foot long at a normal angle. Will appreciate any info on someone that can make one. Thanks
  5. J

    camp possum head

    Im in search of any old pictures of camp possum head. My dad is one of the owners. Id like to get as many pictures of the old camps to put all in one big picture to hang in the new building. So any pictures you guys have that dont mind sharing them, i would appreciate it alot. Thanks!
  6. J

    area 3a south

    Any one going out to 3a south tomorrow sunday 2/15
  7. J

    area 3a south

    Area 3a south tomorrow sunday 12/21. Whos gonna be out there? Might be making a tower run and camp hopping.
  8. J

    starter problem

    I have a problem with my starter. I believe its a Toyota starter on my 0540.it was rebuilt probably 4 or 5 months ago and worked fine, i havent started the boat in about 2 months. The starter gear comes out but wont spin and then stays out until i move the prop alittle. Yes The batteries are...
  9. RIP Tom Shirley

    RIP Tom Shirley

    We have lost a true airboater and a man who cared about the everglades and its wild life and by far one of the best game wardens out in the everglades.
  10. J

    home made frog gig

    I broke my gig last time i went frogging. Im going frogging friday night and i wanted to know if anyone knew how to make a home made gig poll cheap and easy and i still have the head.
  11. J

    tight steering cable

    I was wondering if there was a way to loosen up the steering cable? The cable has gotten very tight and is hard to use the stick sometimes. Is there a way to free it up without replacing the cable? :dontknow:
  12. J

    camp in area 3a south

    If anyone is going out sunday oct. 20th if your going by possum head can you please post on this thread how it looks and maybe take a few pictures of the camo building and yard and post them on here? Didnt get to make it out there this week ahd was just worried about the camp. So please help me...
  13. J

    has any one heard anything about area 3a????????

    I was just wondering if any one had heard of when they might think it will be reopened. Or if it will be oened anytime soon?