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    Rotator gearbox?

    I'm new to the auto power game. I have a 2.68 rotator gear box that's loud as shit. Sounds like I'm in a bowling alley. I like the power gear ratio on my 572hp 383. Thinking of switching to an ox box but it appears to be wider so I'd have to change my rigging. Any thoughts on what I can do or...
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    Need flywheel? Lycoming

    Hey guys buddy needs a flywheel for a lycoming 0360. I think it's the Chrysler type. Any idea where we can get one fast?
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    383 broken rocker arm stud

    So just bought a beautiful diamond back boat with a 383 with only 30 hours on the motor. First trip out wasn't even riding it hard in open water and snapped a rocker stud. Any ideas What causes that? I called the engine builder he said the stud could of been faulty they use 716 studs.
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    454? On DB hull

    Looking to do an economical build. How you think a 400hp 454 on 14x8 DB hull with a 2.38 and 2 blade R will run? I seen a similar boat that ran damn good but wasn't sure of the HP. Any input
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    help caribou hunt or moose hunt?

    I want to do a self guided moose or carribou hunt. I have friends in alaska but none hunt. I'm looking to fly into anchorage rent a truck and willing to drive a few hours to get some where worth hunting. My plan is to hike/camp few miles a day. I was going to hunt General season and was...
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    Who sells gigs in Ft lauderdale

    Who sells frog gigs in Lauderdale area I left mine behind? I need it today.
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    Av gas where? Off I-75

    I'm traveling north tonight and need to find somewhere from orlando to lake city who sells av gas. It will be after 6pm anyone know a place close to highway.
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    GPU/Aircraft mechanic in Okeechobee

    Whose a good GPU mechanic in okeechobee? Boat runs great, doesnt burn alot of oil but Im leaking oil out of everywhere. I think its time to freshen her up before she leaves me stranded.
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    Olympic Arms - NY Policy

    holy shiat!!!! This is what america needs. We will continue to see a division from citizens and government if our government continues to act the same way without the will of the people. If it gets bad enough I could see law enforcement and the military on the citizens side. We miss treat...
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    Transom and side hieght on DB vs Hammet

    Anyone know the approximate transom and side height on a DB on like a 13x8? I have a hammet and I think the transom is 15 on my 12x7. I'd like to get a new hull and wondering what hammet would charge to raise the sides and transom to make a little safer. Also, I woder if it changes the...
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    Altenator Help?

    This thing is pissing me off. Im starting to think the altenator is bad. I thought I was suppose to jump 12 volts to the regulator from my ignition switch. I tried all three tabs and it still is not charging. Any ideas what Im suppose to do?
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    Alternator help???

    I have an aortic kit or innovative kit on a 220. Looks like it has a voltage regulator with three terminals and one power stud. How do I wire the regulator to make the alt charge?
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    anti-seeze or locktite

    Should I use anti seeze or locktite on prop hub and adapter?
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    prop hub and adapter stuck

    I cant get the hub off the adapter. I have the bolts out. Ive tried everything I know and dont want to trash the hub. Any suggestions? Should I was antiseeze once I put it back on?
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    Cut down 72" q?

    My buddy has the 70" q for his 0360 and swears by it. Would I be better off cutting down my 72 or buying a new 70 q because the 72 won't fit.
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    12 hamant 220 to 383

    Was wanting to start my build soon on a 13-14' hull but now Im thinking of saving cash and just putting a 383 on my current 12' hamant that has a 220 on it. Anyone know the difference in weight of a 220 and 383? Would this be too much motor for this small boat. I just like cruising dont need...
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    3a north water level

    Anyone know if there is water in 3a north just south of holey land?
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    220 Electrical Problem

    So my 220 has drained two good batteries down. Im getting 14 volts out of my alternator and at the battery when the motor is running. Ive cleaned all connections and checked wires for any breaks or ground. Any suggestions what it could be Im at a lost?
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    220 alternator, stater, and rain cover

    Anyone know the model for the common starter and alternator on 220? I cant find any numbers on mine. Also, does anyone use a rain cover for air cleaner if so where can I get one? or who makes them Thanks
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    220 vent tube accesory case?

    I tried the search feature but couldnt find the answer. Im blowing oil out of my accesory vent tube not a lot of oil more like dripping out from condensation. Is this normal. Im burning 2-3 quarts every 25 gallons. My manifold vent tube only smokes a little after I stop and only blows oil...