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    Where to Unload

    Where is everybody unloadng at in Cocoa with the Lone Cabbage ramp closed?
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    Water in the East Channel?

    I'm taking some friends for their first ride tomorrow and was wondering if the cuts are open in the east channel running north from 520....thanks.
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    Chevron Racing Fuel?

    The new Chevron gas station on State Road 520, Cocoa is now selling "Racing Fuel" at the business. The pump indicates that it is 100 octane. Is this fuel the same as AV gas or Not? Thanks.
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    Best Place to Unload

    Coming from Merritt Island and was wondering where to unload. Was looking at Overstreet Landing from the map provided??? Thanks in advance.
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    Need some assistance

    I have a IO520 with a Fawcett fuel pump. I tried using the boat yesterday after no use for three weeks. The motor started for a few seconds then stopped (not unusual when cold start). The motor then would not start. After getting it home, I discovered that the injectors were not getting any...
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    Need Suggestions

    I have a IO-520 and just recently experienced the following problem. While running at 2000 rpm or better, the motor lost rpm's down to about 1200 rpm. The boat would not accelerate when the pedal was pushed, but would idle just fine. After about three to five minutes at idle, I could again...
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    Idle RPM

    What is a good idle RPM for a 520?
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    What are some of the opinions of a Continental IO-520?