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    Florida bill would require anger management courses for ammo

    And who will pay for the class? With all the cuts in the budget I am sure they will charge the individuals.
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    Whats so scary you are probably right. This country being armed has saved our ass a few times in the past.
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    Re: Assault weapons defined

    try this http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=8C-CLsMRcA0
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    Shure looks like a mess to me.
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    loaded amo , powder and primers.

    If you are planning to, or been reloading . You will find out or already know that shelf life could be a problem. I have found that vacuum sealing will keep them dry and good for a very long time. I vacuum seal all my primers and most of the powders that I plan on holding on for years at a...
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    gun control explaned . funny.

    Couldn't help but laugh. www.youtube.com/watch?v=84ptFVq22PY
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    guns being taken.

    Something to check out if you don't beleave guns are in trouble. www.youtube.com/watch?v=FytkQkchlu4
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    Airboat race in march ?

    I saw an ad that stated ,there will be an airboat race at east lake toho , kissimmee . anyone know any more?
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    GTO swapmeet ?

    I thought I heard of such a thing but not sure. hope someone can clear up my lack of knowledge. THanks.
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    gun handling clip?

    I have been looking for the clip posted earlyer on gun accidents and poor handling. Can't seem to find it anywhere if someone could help me I would appreciate it. Thanks
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    Interesting day on the lake in hernando by sr200.

    Met a handful of good people today on the lake . Of course it is so low right now you almost can't get any where without running land but it was fun. Watched one guy sink his boat (glad it was not me) got it dryed out we got it started so he could drive it back to the boat ramp. found Armante,s...
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    re chroming?

    Where in florida can I get cylinders rechromed?