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    Lycoming 0540 in the place of a 0435

    Hello everyone, I am new to airboating and have a technical question. Will a Lycoming 0540 fit on the same engine stand(mount-UP) in place of a Lycoming 0435 Thanks Mike Ivey
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    Georgia Airboat restrictions

    Has anyone in Georgia heard of new airboats being restricted to just big lakes? My son had a friend stopped by DNR(game Warden) . He is running small airboat with propeller and they were going to carry him to JAIL if they could say it was a airboat. They said airboats in GA/SC were going to...
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    Lycoming flywheels

    I am in need of a new/used flywheel for my 435 lycoming. Do most all models of Lycoming intchange flywheels with oneanother? Mine is splined and the center must be 2 3/4" big with the 6 mount holes. I.m looking at some used ones on e-bay that look like they mount up the same thanks Mike Ivey
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    SawGrass Welding

    Hello, I am new to airboating here at Augusta, GA. I brought a used boat awhile back with a bad wood prop.8-holes. I sent Danny my hub to be remachined for the new 6 hole prop I brought from Whirlwind. I have tried to reach Danny by phone for 2 months , does anyone know if he is stiil in...
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    Diesel airboats?

    Hello everyone , I am new to airboating and looking to start air boating. Could you use a diesel engine on a airboat are is it too heavy? I am a diesel mechanic and was wondering how a diesel would do. I have been reading the forum and learning alot. thanks Mike Ivey