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    Truck is broke down. Anyone have a code reader? I'm in Henderson, LA Barry@(210)488-1375
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    Is there an airboat friendly airport in the San Antonio area where I can get 100LL.
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    San Antonio Rodeo

    I have some tickets for the San Antonio Rodeo that I need to get rid of. Thought I'd try here first before Graigslist. Have 4 tickets for Feb 16 1 PM show. In Section 224..........Row 7..............Seats 8, 9, 10, & 11. Selling the 4 tickets for $150.
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    Solid Works model

    I'm thinking about building an aluminum airboat hull. Wondering if anyone has attempted to design a solid model in Solid Works?
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    I'm building a Gitso520 Conversion. Now I need to install push rods. How do you measure for them? The way I understand it......with a push rod in and rocker bolted down.....push on the push rod (I can feel the spring tension) til it bottoms out. Measure between the rocker and valve. Correct...
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    Lycoming TIO 540 Upstack

    Someone that is in the business of selling aviation parts wants to buy my TIO 540 Upstack. Had never thought of getting rid of it. He wants to know what I would want for it. I have no idea what it is worth. Don't know if I want to sell. So, what is it worth?.......what's a figure that I can't...