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    Grass Planting in Corpus this Weekend

    Hi Folks ! ( I sent this out to our TAA members who I have the email addresses for, some came back delivery failure so I am posting here to try and reach any and all I can of you TAA folks) Jeff sent me this email via his cell phone as his computer is down at work. That is the one with all of...
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    New TAA Pamplet Upgrade

    Ok fellow TAA members I am working on an upgrade to the current TAA pamplet. I am working to create an actual trifold brochure with the current literature and verbage in it. On the front will be the large TAA logo of course and on the back of the trifold center will be the Airboater's Code of...
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    Bringing Up the New Generation !!

    My grandson was and daughter in law were down to visit a week ago and well Tom and I got started early making a new generation air boater !! Can't beat that !! He loved the varrrrrroommmmmm, varrrrrrrrrrroommmmmmm of the big engine. Lil dud is 2 and it was his first ride, they were down from...
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    Under the Sea

    !!! Use Extreme Caution When Viewing this Photo !!! Extreme Fish Attack Eminent !!! OH NO !!!! Its going after Tom !!! !!!!!!!!!!!! oh sh*t !!!!!!!!!!!!! That lil fishy was just the scout !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *****DON'T LOOK NOW******THEY'RE HUNDREDS OF 'EM******THEY ARE HIDING IN...
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    Looking for an Air Boat Stencil

    Thought I got this out already but :dontknow: Here goea again...... I need a royalty free stencil of an airboat. anyboady know where a good one is on the internet??? anyone got one?????? I actually need it for some work I am doing on my computer and printing out for Tom so if anyone could...
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    New Way to Fly

    High Flying !!! Smile and Wave Boys Just Smile and Wave Way up there and just hanging out above the deep indigo blue ocean water in Cozumel over the crater where the meterorite that landed is supposedly the one that caused the distinction of the dinosaurs. It is several hundred feet deep...
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    Going Tropical

    Now Tom is taking me on vacation so ya'll fellas and your miss's stay outta trouble till we back. We really wouldn't want to miss all the fun with ya'll !! :mrgreen: Be home friday evening so play nice, run hard and swill all the good booze ya can hold and I will sniff all the tropical...
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    Possible AirBoat Play Day at Tom & Lee's This Summer

    Tom and I have been thinking about hosting an airboater's playday at our place. Maybe do some barrels, poles, obsticles, (as if the rocks are not enough !! :twisted: ), potato pick up race, saucer & egg race, the Ladies Race ( :shock: ) and if anyone has a few more ideas lets hear them. Now...
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    Santa's Got a Brand New Ride

    SANTA'S GOT A BRAND NEW RIDE No need to worry grils and boys Santa's still got got all the toys They'll be there under the tree Come late night Christmas Eve Listen hard because you won't hear tiny hooves on roofs from riendeer Cause Sant's got a brand new ride that's got an awesome power...
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    Best wishes

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. :drunken:
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    Bottom of Tom's Boat

    For those who did not get to see it and who have asked to see it. LOL Here is the stainless steel stripped bottom that top put on the bottom of our boat to handle the seriously rocky area of part of the Brazos River because within 200 hours the black bottom that came with our boat was already...
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    TAA Region Formations

    I am trying to work on forming the regions for area represntatives for a more successful TAA voice. I believe the TAA can do great things for all of us airboaters here in Texas but we have to all band together and truly for this association. In the general area we have be having discussions on...
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    Alright fellas, did our support for the website here now whoever, which one of you, the grand poobah, etc.... of the Brazos River Airboaters .... Would you please stand up and be accounted for and answer this post with the apporpriate information. Where do we send our membership stuff and what...
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    Curious about how far all been on the Brazos

    Ok, I am working my article for the marshrider mag. This one is about the river we all love to ride on and she really does have quite the history! Yet, what I am curious about after doing some research is how far up have you all been and how far down have you been? Since we were invited to do a...
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    The Hillbilly Haven Ride

    Oh what a hillbilly ride that truly was! For all of you that didn't get to make it there was a few a real hillbilly moments you missed. The old saying you can fix anything with duct tape and baling wire is so true but for us airboaters I think we need to change that to you can solve all gas...