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    5200 sealant

    can you thin 5200 so you can apply with a paint brush?
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    seems to me my rudders aren't controlling the boat like it should when I lowered the prop 6" into the boat that put 6" out of the air draft so I cut it off do you think I need to make new rudders and add the 6" on top of the rudders so all of the rudder will be in the prop draft here is a...
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    corvair with the prop lowered 6 inches below top of boat

    engine runs great with new carburetor and new rings got on plane at 1400RPM
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    oil coming from dipstik

    oil coming out of dickstick hole on my corvair
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    how low can the end of prop be in the boat and still be ok

    I am going to lower my motor
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    lower shrouds on corvair engine

    mine was a bank & Maxwell but I added the top half of the cage and wire for safety I remove the cage with 4 bolts and it fits in the garage still on the trailer
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    lower shrouds on corvair engine

    https://www.corvair.org/chapters/corvanatics/files/documents/manuals/shop64/6A-engine-64.pdf have a look at the engine and see what you think I am referring to parts # 29 & 11
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    lower shrouds on corvair engine

    I need someone older that used to run coevair engine on a airboat did you run with the lower shrouds on? I have never had them on my motor but the guys on the corvair forums say I should be and think that is why my engine runs hot
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    u channel

    where can I buy aluminum channel for the bottom of a Jon boat
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    got the boat in the water that John helped me with advice before he died It wouldn't get on plane and was having problems with slow acceleration seemed to require a lot of chocking as I have a manual choke on it. \Yesterday I put 1/4" more shims under the front of the engine and moved the...
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    carburator question

    needle valve sticking on my corvair am using ethanol what kind of additive should I use to help prevent this?
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    carbon fiber prop for corvair

    does anyone have a 60" by 32 DD carbon fiber prop for sale
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    are you ever on here Larry I want to buy a gallon of that epoxy filler from you that is good stuff Dick
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    aluminum rudders

    how heavy aluminum do I need to make the ones shaped like an airplane wing
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    3800 V6 car engine

    guy gave me a 1993 olds 88 car and it has this motor in it it is rusted so bad on the bottom it is is just junk but the motor is ok What kind of a setup do they use when this is set up for an airboat?
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    larger oil cooler

    I put a larger oil cooler on my corvair it gave me 4 more quarts of oil capacity and solved my starting after running hard for 15 minutes it will start right up again.
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    phone call

    Is it possible that some in the Weston ,Fl area could call Larry Lowenthal ,Members Address DELETED, and tell him to check his PM on southern airboat I would sure appreciate it. Dick WARNING always use PM to locate someone, its against the rules to divulge anyones personal or location...
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    how much can I lower my prop inside the boat

    I have decided to lower my my corvair set up down inside of the boat how far can I drop and be ok? I would like to lower the prop 6"s is that to much ?
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    gluing tempoary blocks to polymer

    my boat is a widened johnboat and has 1/2" ribs 5"s on center and I want to glue 1/2" spacer blocks to the poly to keep the bottom smooth , I tried puting the poly on and pulling it down between the ribs but never had any luck to keep it from leaking so now I have cut a bunch of half" 1x1"...
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    gear or belt reduction drive for corvair

    any one in Nebraska or Iowa have one of these for sell? dick2256