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    Blind River Bar Frog Rodeo

    I didnt know if I should put this in the Louisiana section or hunting and fishing. But, I just found out about the frog rodeo at Blind River Bar on June 8th and 9th. I am thinking of going for fun. I have been to their gar fish rodeo in August many times. The guy told me $1000 for the largest...
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    Louisiana Bowfishing

    Made a trip to Grand Isle, LA over the weekend for a little bow fishing. Friday night we couldnt hit the broad side of a barn with fish every where. We got 8 redfish, 1 sheep head and 1 flounder. Saturday night we did much better. Had 14 Reds, 5 sheep head, and 7 flounder.
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    Duck hunting question

    I have mostly hunted ducks in flooded timber and rice fields. I have only hunted ducks in the marsh a few times and that was as a guest in prepaired blinds. Now that i have an airboat im going to give it a shot next year.... So, how far do you need to park the boat away from you spread? I...
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    New airboater

    I see its pretty quiet in the LA section of this sight so I thought I would see who is still around. I resently purchased a used 18'x8' Dimondback. She has a 454 and is rigged for bowfishing. Not a speed demon but she seems to do what I want. I primarily play on the coast shooting reds but I...