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    Moving to Tampa soon!

    Good afternoon! I’ll be moving to Tampa in August! Im currently living in Virginia and originally from Nebraska. I grew up on the river and around airboats all the time. I had one for a short while before I left to move out to Virginia. After I buy a house around Tampa I’ll be either building...
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    Twin Turbo SBC

    Right now I have a Chevy 350 punched out .30 over. It has a cam don't know the specs but its noting too crazy. It also has cast heads with some bigger valves, basically its a pretty mild set up. I want to tear this thing down and build twin turbo set up. Any suggestions on how to build the...
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    sbc with reduction engine stand

    Switching from a DD to a reduction so I am going to build a new motor stand. If anyone out there has any napkin sketches or other notes that may help me on this build that would be great. The motor stand will need to fit a Chevy 350 and a rotator reduction. Don’t have the reduction yet so it is...
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    shake and bake boat

    anyone know if that shake and bake boat still for sale the 12' marty bray hull.
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    Building a new boat

    Looking to build a new boat and looking for opinions on hulls. What is a good hull that I won’t have to travel 1500+ miles to get. I have been hearing more and more about nir build airboats are they better than Whitetail? Or are there any other hulls near Nebraska that are good? Looking for...
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    Boat Hull Wanted: whitetail, combee ect.

    looking for a 13'-14' airboat hull either a whitetail combee or something close to those.